Rabid Reviews

Most of my life is spent exploring the great state of Maine and all its woods and waters have to offer. These outdoor adventures typically require me to rely on a wide variety of high quality gear and products, to keep my family and me safe and comfortable. Through the years, I have seen a wide variety of products fail to deliver on their promises and leave me with memories of the outdoors best left unmentioned and forgotten. High quality gear and equipment, however, can make exploring even the most hostile of environments enjoyable.

I occasionally accept offers from retailers, outfitters and publishers to review high quality equipment, services and reading materials. Due to the volume of the requests, I must pick and choose those requests, I feel comfortable providing and unbiased review and openly endorsing as superior. I currently receive approximately 15,000 page views a month from outdoor aficionados, who like me have a passion for the outdoors and outdoor related merchandise and services. If you feel your products, publications or services are up to the rigors of a “rabid” review, please submit your inquiry to: rabidoutdoorsman@gmail.com.

For a listing of past review please see below.

Product Reviews: 
Ammo Can Stove
Ammo Can Grill
Loring Pack Baskets
Wassookeag Moccasins
Bulk Ammo.com
Button Buck Clothing
Mule Hunting Clothing
Irish Setter Boots
Duluth Trading Company - Armachillo Shirt
Duluth Training Company - Man Shirts
Carhartt - Bad Axe Jacket also featured in my television interview!
Modarmory - W1000 Thermal Weapon Sight
Duluth Trading Company - 12 Gauge Shot Shell Thermos
Duluth Trading Company - Yellow Knife Trigger Mitts
Campfire Cookware - Sproul Baker Reflector
OvenDuluth Trading Company - A Kick in the Pants
Red River Camps Overview and Interview
Functional Elegance by Byer of Maine
Camp Comfortably and Conveniently with Byer of Maine
Get into the Swing of Summer with Byer of Maine
Protool Industries - The Woodsman's Pal

Guaranteed to Last, LL Bean’s Century of Outfitting
Country Kids Publishing
Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs
Unseen Hazards that Threaten Hunters
Field and Stream - Total Outdoorsman Manual

Services Reviews: Eagle Mt. Guide Service
Guiding Bear Hunters with Eagle Mountain
Bear Hunt Take to the Extreme I
Bear Hunt Take to the Extreme II
Bear Hunt Take to the Extreme III
Bear Hunting Success, A Maine Guides Tale
Bear Hunting Pictures - Fall 2011
Smallest Acceptable Calibers for Bear Bear
Bear Weight Estimation Video
Big Bear Captured on Game Cameras

Professional Gear Testing:
I have been an official gear tester for Cabela’s since 2008.
I have been a member of the LL Bean Hunting and Fishing Prostaff since 2012.
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