Monday, May 12, 2008

GHOST RCS from United Paintball

The GHOST RCS from United Paintball accompanied me during the 2008 spring turkey hunt. Though I have had the GHOST pullover for a few years only recently have I started using it more and more for turkey hunting. The suit allows for extreme coverage in a variety of woodland settings and again worked flawlessly for me during this spring season. For more information on the system check out this link: GHOST RCS REVIEW

See me in action WOODLANDS setting:

See me in action LEAF LITTER setting:


  1. Haha...that's GREAT! I still have my original pre-production GHOST. I wonder how many of them are still floating around out there???

    After 5+ years, I'm truly happy to see it still in use. I just happened across this blog in Google on a whim :)

    Take care,
    Sean Rutan
    "Inventor" of the GHOST back in the day.

  2. Sean,

    Thanks for stopping by to say HI! It never ceases to amaze me the people that you meet using the power of the internet.

    The GHOST is a work of art and after abusing the thing for years it still holds up to everything I throw at it.

    Just stopped by U.P. to look up your address to no avail. BUT at least the site got me thinking I might have to dig out the Tippman this weekend! :)

    Take Care!

  3. Sorry it takes me so long to get back to you. The website is still there, but it's a video game clan now.

    Hope all is well :) And let me know how paintball went this year for you....

  4. No problem, I certainly understand what it means to be BUSY!

    Paintball has recently had to take a back seat. With two lil ones under 2 years I have to pick and choose my hobbies. I also used to be part of a local group that participated frequently in "woods" games a couple times a month but that has since dissolved . . .

    I trust you have been busy with paintball?


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