Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Be So Crabby!

Collection of fun Macro photographs of a small crab taken during a recent family outing to Wolfe's Neck State Park. For inquisitive kids who like to find crabs and other small intertidal creatures, the "Shore and Casco Bay Trail" is sure not to disappoint. Moving aside the seaweed and turning over small rocks will yield more periwinkles, mussels, nematodes and crabs then you can shake a stick of driftwood at! This awesome park is only 5 minutes from downtown Freeport so be sure to explore it after your next visit to L.L. Bean!


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Monday, August 13, 2012

WWII B17 Crash Site Memorial

If visiting Rangeley or Oquossoc, Maine several unique areas and geocaches exist that you should be sure to check out!

Approximately 10 miles down route 16 beyond Cupsuptic Lake campground, turn right onto Lincoln Pond road. The road is hard to see so look for the large sign for Black Brook Campground. Drive up this road for 4.6 miles and the road will fork.

There is a natural spring on the 4.6 miles of road before the fork and a small geocache in back of it. It is a great spot to fill up your water bottles before heading back to your campsite or on to the B17 Memorial.

On the Gazeteer the road forking to the right is labeled the Deer Mtn / Old Lincoln Pond road. Surprisingly, the road has grass growing in the center and appears to not be frequently traveled. The road is "ok" but be sure to drive slow and take care navigating around the rocks. Vehicles with low ground clearance are likely to scrape bottom once or twice.

3.7 miles up the Deer Mtn / Old Lincoln Pond road from the intersection, you will reach the B17 memorial. Despite following several small trails, I was unsuccessful in finding any visible remains of plane wreckage. However, the amount of Moose sign (tracks and scat) was impressive! Next to a HUGE white birch rest the memorial geocache. Just follow the path in back of the memorial and look on the left a little ways back from the bottom of the trail. The tree is slightly off the trail on the left hand side and is hard to miss.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Aziscohos Lake Dam

Just beyond the quaint village of Oquossoc, approximately 11 miles down route 16 beyond Cupsuptic Lake Campground is this amazing dam and dam geocache on the southern end of Aziscohos Lake. The dam is a short distance after the turn to Lincoln Pond road. The link above will lead you to the geocache website and additional information.

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