Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Worlds Greatest Deer Hunters

It matters little what your stance is on kids and guns, eventually every child in the known universe is subjected to enough television violence or children playing cops and robbers on the playground, where eventually they are going to pick-up a stick, point it at another human being and go BOOM, BOOM your dead.

From soldiers, to cops, to even game wardens, people shooting people and violence will always be who we are as a society. Now don't get me wrong, all I did as a kid was play GI Joe, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and shoot every red squirrel I could find and I have not grown into a psychopathic serial killer.

Even with this perhaps lax view of kids playing the boom, boom your dead game, I decided that perhaps the kiddos would enjoy a chance to refocus these hostilities away from their games of shooting each other and play a new game I devised called "Deer Hunter".

This new game was an instant success and in the process, the lil guys learned a ton of critical outdoor skills. Equipped with our compasses, deer calls and “gun” sticks, we learn how to track deer, walk quietly in the woods, use a compass, grunt up a buck and even the cardinal rule to always keep your stick pointed at the ground and away from people. When these types of skills are practiced and learned by kids at a very young age, they of course become ingrained and simply part of how things are done with in the woods. 

The brave junior hunters and I would like to extend best wishes to all of you during the 2011 deer hunting season. Make sure this hunting season to introduce a new or junior hunter to our sport and help to ensure that our hunting traditions continue to thrive. Good luck to all!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duckpower Incorporated in Danger of Folding

I hope that everyone enjoys this jointly organized attack on our beloved friend the Duckman. He had apparently gotten a little bit big for his britches and needed a good shake down, of which we were more than happy to provide. Please add many additional comments poking fun at my good buddy Mr. President.

A spokesman from the corporate offices of Duckpower, Inc. has confirmed rumors of a possible shutdown.  It seems that many employees and one founding member of the company have become increasingly disgruntled at the leadership being displayed by the company’s President, Mr. Duckman.   There have long been accusations of abuse from the highest office, but loyal followers of the company have been encouraged to sweep those thoughts under the rug for the sake of the business.  The head of the Southern division was overheard saying that “the mental abuse and constant ridicule displayed by Mr. President towards his loyal employees were sure to bring an end to what some have said was a shaky union to begin with”.

It seems that the problems started with an unpaid corporate fishing sponsorship.  Mr. President, who apparently agreed to sponsor and employee’s bass tournament failed to fulfill his sponsorship obligations because the sponsored team did not technically “win” the tournament. Our sources say that the bill was never paid and tensions started to run a little high in the Southern Division.

I Am SOOOO Pretty!
The Northern Division of the company can be considered even more unstable.  The relationship between Mr. President and his co-founder Mr. Duckhammer (AKA Rabid Outdoorsman) and his brother, the one simply know as Diesel is a difficult one to explain, to say the least.

It has been reported that on many occasions, Mr. President has abused his power, using it to his distinct advantage, in blatant attempts to elicit sexual favors from his constituents. As proof of his debauchery, this ½ naked photo of Mr. President clearly depicts him staring lovingly at the cameraman, poor Vice President Diesel, in a vain attempt to seduce him with his powerful animal magnetism. This was of course only the beginning of Mr. President’s sexually deviant behavior.

Sometimes NO Means NO
Now if this was the final extent of shame that Mr. President had wrought upon Duck Power he could have perhaps, if subjecting himself to therapy for his sexual addiction, been forgiven. Unfortunately, this is not the final story of disgrace and shame upon which he has brought down on Duck Power. Note this additional photo that documents his unwanted fondling of my shoulder. Sure it may seem innocent but trust me this is a slippery slope ending in ruin and it is certainly not the first time that Mr. President has brought shame up us.

Perhaps even worse than his sexual perversion is Mr. President’s shameful shooting skills. Far be it for me to write about such indiscretions but rather find it more appropriate to highlight it on video. Please if you dare, take a few minutes to see this disturbing footage (WARNING, it is riddled with vulgarity.)

In retrospect of these vile acts against humanity and his molestation of waterfowl, we the members of Duck Power Incorporated feel it best to simply end with an impeachment of Mr. President. Viva La Revolution!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Boulder Erotic

There is no doubt that you are laughing at the title of this posting and so was I when a close friend referred to this location in the same manner. While this rock certainly is erratic, it would be a far stretch of ones imagination to think it erotic.  Even without being erotic, this enormous boulder is amazing to see and well worth the trip! Enjoy!

GPS Location: N 44 41.365  W068 18.748
From Ellsworth, Maine take Route 179 North to the intersection of Route 200 heading toward Eastbrook. In a mile or so turn right onto Leona Wilbur Road. Turn right at the intersection and pull into the small parking area.

For more information on this site and specific directions please see:

Quote off the Geocaching Website From EMSDanel the creator of this geocache: “This area of Maine is noted for glacially deposited erratics but this one really stands out. There it is, just sitting on the ground in the middle of the woods. Behold the eighth wonder of the world! I'll bet this one goes down on your list of favorites and I'm pleased to be the one to introduce you to this spot. By all means, bring a camera! The owner of this property has made a nice gravel road to the location, cleared trees to make a better view, and created a nice path to the site so that visitors can come here. Bring a picnic, bring the family, come back year after year. One other challenge, as you approach the rock go a little past it, keeping the rock to your left. Turn and face the rock....can you see the face of a dinosaur? In the summer time he is eating ferns.”

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strange Clouds Open Senses

While walking out of the grocery store the other day, I was momentarily mesmerized by these incredibly beautiful cloud formations. Though only a simple meteorological event, I had to pull out my camera and take a photograph so I could share. What for me was most important and critical about this event, is a reminder to myself and to perhaps all outdoor folks that we are perpetually surrounded by the beauty of nature. Whether staring out your work window at the leaves rustling in the breeze, listening to the rain drops fall on the roof of your car or even while walking across a asphalt parking lot, make sure to take a moment to look around, soak up your surroundings and breath heavily of the natural world. In the process of opening your senses, you might just be pleasantly surprised to see what you find thriving on the edges of our "civilized" world.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mr President's 2011 Duck Hunting Opener

In this story, the honorable President of Duck Power Incorporated returns to Central Maine for the annual duck hunting opener. In this classic tale, he battles against lower intestinal issues, raw meat, drenching rain and gluten free cookies. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will certainly remember some of my other Mr. President tall tales such as: Mr. President, the award winning Mr. President's New Waders, Mr. President's Hard Water Adventure I and Mr. President's Hardwater Adventure II and finally Mr. President's Bronze Back Adventure. Please enjoy this latest tale in the Mr. President story series!

My last foggy recollection, on the eve of the 2011 duck hunting opener, consisted of me belting out the chorus of the Hank William classic “Family Tradition”, as the Duckman (AKA Mr. President) keep perfect beat with his lactose intolerant flatulence.

After that sorted show, a sleepy head crashed down on a pillow and my tired mind refused to even dream. The alarm wailed at 4:30 AM and I already smelled coffee. Stumbling down stairs, I noted the boys were already in a tizzy to get started. Mr. President was half heartedly choking down a gluten free bagel. Seeing his apparent displeasure, I gagged in sympathy, at the mere prospect of consuming such a vile conglomeration of ingredients.

Against my every attempt at holding back our early arrival at the blind, the boys were hot and horny to get moving and we arrived at the blind with MUCH time to spare. The remaining 1/2 hour before legal was spent sitting quietly in the dark, with only the sound of frequent tobacco spitting breaking the silence.

Despite his belligerent mockery of my indoor horseshoe pit, inability to cook steaks past rare, failure to successfully carry a tune and complete lack of basic story telling etiquette, when the chips were down and someone needed a shotgun shell, who do you think was suddenly Mr. President's best buddy. Never be it for the Mr. President to underestimate the power of that Jack-O’-Lantern grin of his. I am just surprised that he didn’t talk ME into walking back to the 4 wheeler to get his “special” shells out of his blind bag!!

As the morning progressed into that magical time know at “legal shooting hours”, our band of brave hunters attempted to silhouette flying ducks, against untimely dark skies, with each strike of lightening. Eventually as the heavy rain subsided and thunder and lightening abated, I looked across the pond and noted that somehow we had managed to shoot somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-4 ducks.

Commanding my faithful retrieve Onyx into the fray of water, mud, weeds and rotten blow downs, I directed her to each of the downed ducks. As she collected her prizes and returned to the blind, I counted the casualties, green winged teal, mallard (green head), green winged teal, mallard. A good first round of action was had but unfortunately for me, Mr. President had not yet harvested his promised drake wood duck.

In his time hunting puddle ducks with me, Mr. President has managed to take many ducks that are foreign to a die hard “sea duck” hunter. Female wood ducks, green winged teal, blue winged teal, green heads, etc. One of his last avifauna to add to his life list is a drake wood duck, which over the years has managed to elude him.

Staring at my watch, I noted that much time was still available for him to complete this monumental task BUT would it be enough time. Staring at his normally happy face, I could see the edgings of disappointment (or maybe it was gas?!?!). Even his 7:30 AM downing of two mallards, in a spectacular display of shooting prowess, seemed to do little for his growing displeasure. At 8:00 AM I even instructed him to take an easy 5 yard crossing right to left swinging shot at a green winged teal, propelled by a 20 knot tail wind. In a clear display at how distraught he was, at my inability to get him a drake wood duck, he missed this easy shot.

As our end time neared, a streak of colorful feathers flew by our blind and I yelled to Duckman SHOOOOOOT WOOOD DUCK! Mr. President leaped up from his perch, rifled forth a quick 3 round volley of high velocity steel #6s into the ozone, re-loaded and fired three more. Something wood duck like fell from the sky and landed on the other side of the marsh in several pieces.

Understanding the complexity of the retrieval situation, I grabbed Onyx and our new Duck Power Incorporated “pledge” Travis and proceeded to wade around to the other side of the marsh. At this point, Mr. President was not able to help us retrieve his fallen duck, as he was busy completing his morning routine of doctor prescribed gluten cleansing physical therapy exercises . . . at least that is what he said and who am I to question a medical professional.

Struggling against the mud, beaver cut stick poles, blow downs and generally the nastiest bit of swamp hell you can imagine, the sharp eyes of our new pledge spotted the white underbelly of a wood duck. As Onyx swam in for the retrieve, I said a silent prayer to the duck Gods and hoped against hope that I had managed to fulfill my promise to Mr. President. As the dog brought the badly mangled bunch of twisted meat and feathers to my hand, I let out a deep sigh of disappointment noting that a promise had been broken. With head hung low, I headed back to the blind.

Upon sharing the news, to my surprise I was not met with a verbal beating but rather old Mr. President gave me a hearty man hug and thoroughly thanked me for the fantastic time I had shown him. He went on to mention he was excited to return next year and join me on yet another “opener”. In fact, he even offered me one of his gluten free ginger snap cookies!! As I choked back the moist cookie, tasting of swamp water and pocket lint, I noted that my assessment of this situation had been badly skewed. In my flurry of concern for Mr. President's delicate feelings, I had missed the crucial fact that hunting is more than just shooting a trophy duck . . . hunting . . . perhaps . . . is just a little bit more. And what happened then? Well in Augusta they say the Rabid Outdoorsman’s small heart grew three sizes that day!

For an alternate set of truths on this tale. Please see Mr. President's Blog.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maine Guide Snowshoes

Over the weekend, I attended the Fall Festival at Sunday River. During my visit, I stumbled upon a Maine Guide and his wife (Bob and Andrea Howe) from Pine Grove Lodge putting on a display of snowshoe building.

While I rarely promote a particular product, I was so impressed with the quality and durability of this snowshoe and Bob and Andreas passion for constructing these high quality shoes, I had to mention it on the blog.

What is fascinating to note, is that you can order the snowshoes in a variety of colors (see photos) as they are constructed not of traditional rawhide but also rope similar to 550 parachord. Check out their website for more information on the interesting option. 

Kit Snowshoe
Bob and Andrea sell completed shoes in a HUGE variety of styles and configuration and also a “kit” that includes all of the materials and instructions so you can build your own snowshoes. While the last thing in the world I need is yet another long and involved project, the idea of whiling away the cold winter evenings, in the workshop building my own snowshoes is actually quite intoxicating. FYI, long story short the “kit” is on my Christmas list.

If you are I the market for a set of awesome snowshoes please take a look at MAINE GUIDE SNOWSHOES:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interview with Musket Creek

I was recently interviewed for a post featured on THE MUSKET. It is a great blog that has a ton of help and useful information on hunting, fishing and a huge variety of outdoor pursuits. Stop by and check them out!

Here is a few highlights from the interview. For a a full version of the interview w/ pictures please link to The Musket
The Interview With Musket Creek:
The Maine Outdoorsman is a very cool hunting, fishing, and outdoors blog.  Our friend Steve has some really great stuff, so be sure to check out him out!  Click on one of the links in this article for a sample of his stuff.

MC: Describe your first experience with hunting.
Steve: My very first memory of hunting was with my Dad when I was about 5 years old. He was hunting and I was walking in back of him excitedly following his every footstep. Suddenly a partridge flushed and screamed down through the woods like a rocket. I remember Dad calmly raising his Ithaca featherlight 12 gauge pump, shooting once and watching the bird fall. His actions were amazing to my young mind and ‘wow’ was the only word I was able to utter as I ran down into the woods to find the downed bird. From that moment on I was hooked on hunting.

MC: What types of hunting do you prefer?
Steve: I go through cycles of HIGH interest. It used to be deer, then ducks, next turkeys. While I still like to hunt those species, currently I am hot on the predator (coyote, fox, bobcat) and bear hunting.

MC: Is there any type of hunting that you have always dreamed of trying?
Steve: My dream hunt would be chasing something across the plains of Africa BUT I could be almost as happy chasing antelope on the plains or caribou across the tundra. Anything that breaks from the ordinary and allows me to pursue a different species is a dream.

MC: Give us a breakdown of the gear you use.
Steve: Love Polyfleece; hate wool.  Love heavily insulated boots and mitts. Hate budget climbing stands. Love ATVs, Hate scent killer clothing and Love ice fishing. Hate Steel Shot. Love the 30-06 cartridge. So with those statements . . . Patagonia R3 Jackets, Lacrosse Boots, Black Diamond Gauntlet Mitts, Viper SD Climbing Stand, Yamaha Grizzly 550, Baking Soda and non-scent soap and deodorant, Clam 2000 and Jack Traps, Heavishot, 1985 Browning 30-06 Semi-Auto. and Marlin XL7 30-06 Bolt Action.

MC: Favorite place to fish?
Steve: My backyard pond. It’s a 10 minute walk and filled with HUGE large mouth bass!

MC: Coolest fishing story?

Please visit Musket Creek for the remainder of the interview. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Women Gone Wild - Links and Resources

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) - non-profit, educational program offering hands-on workshops to adult women.

Registered Maine Guide Specializing in Trips for Women:

A few of My Favorite Women Outdoor Blogs: 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Women Gone Wild - Interview

Erin and Her Dad with a Nice 6 Pointer She Harvested
Question and Answer Interview Session with Erin From:

1. ME - Do you just hunt deer?
ERIN - Dad got a moose permit last year. I did not get drawn this year, but I concentrate purely on deer and moose.

2. ME - What do you think about the "women’s" hunting clothes? Would you ever wear pink camo?
ERIN - No. Maybe I am a little too much of a feminist, but in my mind, if you are going to hunt, wear hunting clothes.  They don't label its 'men's hunting gear' and 'women's hunting gear' its just hunting gear.  I would rather wear my red plaid wool hunting jacket than a pink camo hat.
ME - Erin isn’t that pink your wearing in the picture you sent me?
ERIN - I know, I’m busted for wearing pink, but my love of monkey thumbs acknowledges no color.
ME - Ah so there is a little know clause in the annuals of hunting, allowing you to wear pink if monkey thumbs are involved?
ERIN – This line of questioning is what is going to lead you to a broken nose.
ME - GULP! Moving on to question three.

3. ME - Do you ever blog about your hunting experiences?
ERIN - On my blog:, I have written about hunting and there are pics when I went moose hunting.  Then I abandoned my blog and skipped writing about deer season.

4. ME – Do you have siblings that hunt?
ERIN - Nope.  My sister hates the outdoors.  My brother in law hunts.  My husband hunts (its he and his dad vs me and my dad – team Merrill is ahead!!)
ME - Why didn’t your sister get into hunting? Did you shoot-up all of her Barbies?
ERIN - Funny thing is I had all of the Barbies.  I loved them.  I had the Townhouses, convertibles, the whole deal. 

5. ME - Are you part of any of the online hunting communities?
ERIN - I use to follow some hunting blogs on Twitter but nothing was relevant to me and/or interested me.

6. ME - Ever hunt out of state?
ERIN - No, but Dad and I are going to go Elk hunting at some point in our lives.

7. ME - How do people react when they hear you’re a hunter?
ERIN – It’s very interesting to look at the reactions of people when they find out I hunt.  It has been my experience that women are stunned and always say "how can you kill something like that" (my reply is usually "with my gun") while men are impressed.  I had probably 5 or 6 guys check with details, pictures... one Red Cross volunteer bought me a cheesy plastic deer magnet which I love and keep in my office.

I have also found it to be an incredible networking/fundraising tool.  If I can get people talking about hunting of any kind or being outdoors, once they know I hunt, they seem to listen to me more and they will try to test me "what model is your gun 700 or 702?" (it’s a 700) "what grain bullet do you use?" (180) Once I answer them, they know I know what I am talking about, its like I gain more credibility.  Its weird but definitely something I have noticed in my fundraising career.

Its also really interesting how different hunting is for men and women - or how it’s viewed.  Guys can't get over the hunting thing with women.  I don't know if they are the ones who did not grow up with women hunting or hunting in general or if they just can't picture a woman cutting open and gutting a deer or if its the idea of a woman killing something.  I'm not sure.

8. ME - Can you pee in a deer stand?
ERIN - I don't pee in a tree and I schedule my peeing.  No liquids before I leave in the morning.  Pee break at lunch and then again when its dark. I can't pee in a tree so if desperate I climb down and pee in the woods.

9. ME - Do you host an all girl deer camp?
ERIN - I have no idea if there is an all girl deer camp.  I learned everything from my dad.

10. ME - Is you gun bigger than mine?
ERIN - I shoot a Winchester 30-06 with a Sterling scope and yes I can guarantee it is much bigger than yours.
ME – Why do I suddenly feel so inadequate . . .

11. ME - Are their unique challenges to being a female hunter?
ERIN - I don't really know what unique challenges there are as far as hunting goes - maybe the emotional aspect.  I can do everything in the woods a guy could do (minus pee from the tree stand).

12. ME - Any funny outdoor stories you would like to share?
ERIN - I once had my hair dyed in the morning and went out hunting in the afternoon.  It was hot out and I reeked of dye. Dad was about 20 feet from me and we heard the all might snap of a branch.  Then, we heard a blow, and then another and then what sounded like sneezing, as the deer smelled me ran in the opposite direction.  Dad just started laughing and we decided that I am only allowed to dye my hair before the season starts and then after the season is over, or after we get a deer.  I’m dedicated to the sport like that!

Also, when I bought my hunting license the first time, I went after I had a manicure/pedicure and the full on hair styling for my best friend's wedding. All dolled up, went in and asked to buy a license in a small country store I proclaimed to the woman behind the counter that "I wanted to sign the paperwork to allow me to kill Bambi's dad"! She looked at me really weird and I am fairly sure my comment blew her mind!

13. ME - So understanding you live in a big city and according to our previous conversations, can’t stand the heat and would most likely die if it wasn’t for AC, all things considered you seem kinda girly to me, would you like to refute this claim?
ERIN - I picked out my wedding ring based on hunting; nothing I would want to risk loosing while gutting a deer and something that would not catch on my glove going on/off my hand.
ME - Point taken, I retract my previous statement. You are much tougher than I am. Please don’t punch me in the face.

14. ME - What interest you related to the outdoors?
ERIN - I would like to find more women's hunting blogs or Maine hunting blogs. I definitely printed and read the Deer Plan from IF&W.  Chandler Woodcock was also my English teacher in Skowhegan.  I have met with him to find out about getting on a board or committee through IF&W.  If you know of any, please let me know.  I would love to be able to give a voice to young female hunters.

15. ME - Can you please supply me with a brief history of how you started hunting?
ERIN - I started going hunting with my dad when I was 20.  He has hunted forever so it was something I was use to.  We have about 400 acres that we hunt on. I know, the first season I went, I was so loud.  I snapped branches, crunched leaves, tripped... I also did not carry a gun.  I can't remember if it was the first year or second that Dad shot one when I was with him.  I rattled the horns, gave myself a blood blister and called in a 4 pointer. Dad asked if I wanted him to shoot it and I, of course said yes!  It was 112 pounds, but I was so excited. 

I then took Hunters Safety and Dad and I built a tree stand in the winter of 2006-2007. Dad said I was in charge of bringing home the meat - no pressure.  I had never shot the 30-06 before and Mom said it would kick so hard I would fall out of the stand.  So, I shot it twice out behind their house.  Dead deer target both times. 

On Nov 17th at 6:30am, I spotted a small buck coming down through some trees towards the stand.  Shaking, I got into position and did what Dad told me.  Line up the sights and never lift your head. I remember asking Dad if I could shoot it, pulling the trigger, seeing the back leg come up and then asking Dad if I shot it.  Ha! My first deer 115lb, 4 pointer, dead with 1 shot. 

I was so excited, called my Mom, she didn’t answer so I called my Grammie.  She answered and now, whenever I get a deer, I call Grammie first.  Gotta love family traditions. My Grampa gave me his gun, another 30-06 after that.  

In 2009, we built our Sky Condo.  It’s huge - 12 feet off the ground and could handle 3 grown men, its fantastic.  Again, only Dad and me are allowed.  The first year, we saw triplets with their mom and in total, probably 17 deer throughout the season. I was walking around one afternoon in 2009 and shot my doe with a 30-30 open sites.  I dropped her, but didn't kill her.  The sound she made was terrible.  Dad had told me that once you shoot a deer, do not chase it because it will keep going - stop and let it lie down and die.  So I did, but my doe got up and left.  She stumbled, wobbled and walked off.  I assumed she would die out of sight. 

Once Dad arrived, having heard the shots, we started to track her.  The biggest blood trail ever!  Then it stopped.  Disappeared along with my deer.  We searched and searched and never found her.  I felt horrible.  I hated the idea that I had wounded an animal.  I was 27 at the time.  It was haunting.  (Maybe other women hunters deal with this more then men, I dunno).  But

The next season, last season, I was ready.  I also went back to my scope and my 30-06.  I was so excited we had put up the trail camera and were seeing many deer.  Plus, after loosing the doe, we needed to get some meat in the freezer. 

Opening day, 7:45 AM, I spotted something moving across the field.  I lifted my gun to look through the scope, Dad looked through the binocs and said "its a deer!" I tried to find it, but all I saw was a tree.  Dad lifted his gun and told me to shoot.  I said I didn't have a shot and if he did...boom!  He dropped it and then went scurrying down the ladder and across the field.  He shot it one more time in the head.  It was a beautiful 150lb, 6 pointer.  Again, I took pictures, I have them from every deer I have killed with Dad.

So, that’s my hunting history up to this point.  It’s so much fun, the anticipation, and the build up, the never knowing if a deer will step out in front of you.  And being with my Dad.  Even though we don't talk much while we are out there, it’s an amazing experience to share with him.  I love it!

ME - Thanks a Ton Erin for Providing me with a little perspective on what it is like to be an outdoor woman. Look forward to reading about more of your adventures on your blog!

Next I will be posting some additional links and information on Women and the Outdoors on 10/7/11

Monday, October 3, 2011

Women Gone Wild

In celebration of female hunters, fishers and outdoor lovers everywhere, I wanted to dedicated a few posts, throughout the month of October, to these individuals and their importance in the overall support of these sporting endeavors. Frequently, these courageous individuals do not receive the tutelage and network of support that is more typically afforded males, for these reasons, they are challenged from the very beginning in their quest to follow their natural passions.

The introduction of children to the outdoors, hunting and fishing should never be reserved for only males. For these activities to continue to flourish, we must work to ensure that all children are included, for the exclusion of females from these activities is sure to push these pursuits to extinction.

If you know of any woman, regardless of age, who is interested in challenging herself to the rigors of the outdoors and experiencing first hand the beauty nature has to offer, please encourage and nurture that individual into their chosen pursuit. In this series of postings, my hope is I might inspire perhaps a single female to join the growing ranks of women who have gone wild.

To start this series, I wanted to better understand the mindset and ideals of female hunters to determine if they were similar or divergent from the male way of thinking. Though this experiment, I hoped to uncover vital information about the outdoorswoman. I had heard rumors through the years, that most women when trained, were better shots, more patient in the deer stand and better listeners when receiving instruction then their male counterparts, however, I was not totally convinced and need access to evidence. Specifically, I needed to attain cold hard facts and not word of mouth based conjecture.

To do so, I first needed to find a female hunter, a task not as easy as you would imagine. Complicating this process was the simple fact, this individual also needed to possess enough class and grace to put up with my barrage of questioning without wanting to punch me in the face. Considering all of the apparent variables, I finally came to the conclusion that there was only one type of female hunter in the known universe who would be able to fulfill all these requirements and also hopefully not break my nose.  Bottom line, I needed to find a Maine girl.

For those uneducated in Maine Women, you should know they are an off shoot of the female species known for their natural love of the outdoors, ability to get ready for a night out on the town in 10 minutes or less, tenacity and innate capacity to put up with as much $#%^ as they can give. Considering this impressive set of skills, I knew I had made the right decision BUT where would I begin my search?

After cruising around Craig’s list for a few hours, I did find a number of Maine girls BUT they were definitely NOT what I was looking for and most even wanted to charge me by the hour!! Finally after a long and exhaustive search, I stumbled across the blog of a kind lady named Erin at ( and asked her nicely if she might be interested in entertaining a few of my questions. Thankfully, she agreed!

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