Monday, June 29, 2009

Rainy June Garden Update . . .

June 13 and 14th Journal entries - 13th - I managed to squeeze in part of the morning working in the garden. There had been a number of small items that I had been meaning to attend to so was excited to see the predicted rains held off. 

I noted that my cucumbers planted by seed were beginning to poke through the soil but my 4 experimentally grown inside plants were dead or dying from an invading sugar ant population. Shovel and 1 and 1/2 containers of ant killer later the issue was rectified!

 Plantings in garden two were completed as I inserted tomatoes and peppers into the remaining empty rows. Inside grown tomatoes appear to be seriously struggling (probably due to me trying to acclimatize them to quickly) but the peppers may survive.

 Broccoli row had spots ranging from explosive growth to nothing so I split up double plants and as I have checked on them throughout the week they appear to be thriving!

 Weeds are occurring but 10 minutes a day seems to be keeping them under control. Close proximity of the plantings as outlined in the "French technique" may be helping. 

Peas are doing amazing! Everyday I am directing a dozen new runners toward or through the chicken wire! Pole beans are also up and looking healthy showing about 3 inches of growth! What an absolute gift Saturday morning is after almost a week of straight rain!

14th - Sitting here Sunday morning sipping bitter black coffee and pecking away on my blackberry I can plainly see that with the rain pouring down it is doubtful I will be working in the garden today!

 Fortunately the lil man and I managed to get the short list of gardening tasks done yesterday morning. We had to re-plant several tomato plants as most had died after the transplanting last weekend! Used all but perhaps one final handful of the fertilizer that the old man had brought to try and help some of the struggling plants.

 It is important to note that next year I need to provide starters with better (higher quality) soil and be more careful in transitioning them to outdoor living.

Lil man helped to dig the holes and I popped in the new starters.

 I gave the lil man a leaf of spinach and he said ummmm yummy! Then we had an extended conversation about how we only eat outside things "approved" by Mommy and Daddy. Lil man then proceeded to tear a leaf off one of the red pepper plants and say "this ok to eat Daddy?"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The mobile blogger

Here I am sitting at the house and watching the rain pour down and trying to think through my extensive lists of priorities. In my hands is an incredible tool that I recently acquired called a blackberry. This small palm size device allows me to check the predicted up to the minute weather and wind directions and instantly communicate through the bb messaging service to hunting companions via picture, recorded message and text. Upgraded units even come with gps and the ability to track your position using cell towers! Its also a camera, phone and personal digital assistant! Sometimes a piece of technology appears that really amazes me! If other hunters have one please comment how you use in the field!

Well back to my todo list which is also stored on my as I now call it CrackBerry!!!

BTW, I composed and sent this with my bb!
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