Sunday, June 14, 2009

The mobile blogger

Here I am sitting at the house and watching the rain pour down and trying to think through my extensive lists of priorities. In my hands is an incredible tool that I recently acquired called a blackberry. This small palm size device allows me to check the predicted up to the minute weather and wind directions and instantly communicate through the bb messaging service to hunting companions via picture, recorded message and text. Upgraded units even come with gps and the ability to track your position using cell towers! Its also a camera, phone and personal digital assistant! Sometimes a piece of technology appears that really amazes me! If other hunters have one please comment how you use in the field!

Well back to my todo list which is also stored on my as I now call it CrackBerry!!!

BTW, I composed and sent this with my bb!


  1. Is addictive, eh? You must be special... mine doesn't have a camera!

  2. Sounds like great stuff. The outdoors arena has gone high tech with all the new Blackberry and I-Phone toys. Good luck and have fun.

  3. I recently got an I-touch...similar addiction...but at least they are somewhat useful, and hey, I look so important when I am posting while waiting to get my Don't get too sucked in!

  4. I use an i-phone and I think it is silly. Of course I don't want to get rid of it. The more I use it, the more I need it. But I think that will be leaving it at home come hunting season or on the boat fishing. I don't have any desire to lose it and buy another. I think it will wait for me in the car or at camp.

    This is an interesting topic though. I am exploring a business that is decidedly un-digitized in the hopes that there is still some value to the old pencil and paper.

  5. I'm posting you on our new itouch and it's taking some time...

  6. Now that a few more weeks have passed the "newness" factor of the Blackberry has worn off significantly. While it is still an extremely valuable tool I can at least now sit it down or leave it at home when I go hiking or to the store. But I will tell you all one thing that first week was bad . . . wife wondered if I was planning to get it surgically implanted in my hand! :)


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