Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stripers Hit the Maine Coast

Well, my fishing buddies tell me they are here but they don't want to take anything I am throwing at them. Fished for four hours Sunday on the western end of Pemaquid Beach without even a nibble to show for my exhaustive efforts. Used a blue fish rig with the orange and yellow foam balls and a striper slip rig both loaded with Mackerel and Herring (available frozen at the Wiscasset Trading Post, BTW). Oh well, that is why they call it fishing and not catching. After a miserably long week, it was refreshing to spend an incredible day breathing the crisp salt air and enjoying one of the few days this Summer when it wasn't raining!

Caution . . . when fishing on a busy beach keep your line high and pole positioned right at the water line and keep your eyes on it at all times. I had 10-12 "tourists" almost walk right into my fishing line and one swimmer who almost got snagged.


  1. Good to see you are getting some time in on the water. Tourists are funny, aren't they. That big rod sticking up out of the sand should be a signal, I would think.

  2. you have to love the tourists that walk into the fishing line booby trap!Don't worry the stripers have to be moving up your way because they have moved out of the Chesapeake Bay for the most part

  3. No stripers downeast yet, looks like they are running a little late this year...

  4. Mel,

    I was reading in an article the other day that fishermen should arrive at beaches "early" and "late" in the day so that you don't interfere with the beach crowd . . . what? Aren't we the ones with sharp pointed sticks? ;)

  5. TBD and DDH,

    Heading out to yet another of Maine's sand beaches this weekend for a little bit of surf casting. Will drop you all a note to see if I get lucky!


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