Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Man Shirts" by Duluth Trading Company

Duluth flannel is the quintessential fabric of choice for outdoorsmen, mountain men and mullet sporting rednecks across the entire face of the planet. Whether camped out on the Alaskan tundra, chopping firewood in the remote wilds of Maine or climbing the north face of Mt. Everest, you are sure to find flannel shirts covering the backs of just about every human male with balls enough to call themselves “Man”.

Duluth flannel has long been accepted as the choice fashion statement of discriminating Maine guides. Abused in the most extreme of wilderness climates, flannel provides effective protection from the elements and presents a bold and often difficult to ignore fashion statement. You can hunt or fish in flannel all day, dance in it all night and it still reigns supreme as the definitive “man” fabric of choice. Due to its no nonsense ruggedness, Duluth flannel practically screams, “abuse me with whatever you got tough guy, I can take it”! Though flannel is fairly ineffective at repelling the whirling blade of a chainsaw, gnashing teeth of a rabid coyote or snapping jaws of a crocodile, it will still withstand years of working man abuse, that would leave lesser shirts crying for their mommies.

At the same time, the Duluth flannel fabric possesses a kinder, gentler side, remaining soft against your skin even after a long day of operating the skidder, lobstah boat or hauling hog down I95. Your wife or girlfriend will also certainly appreciate the twice-brushed extra loft when she uses your sweat and diesel soaked “man shirt” as an impromptu “sexy” nightgown.

Duluth’s flannel shirts come in a variety of designs, styles and sizes and are prewashed to resist shrinkage . . . AND TRUST ME NOBODY WANTS TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH SHRINKAGE!

Selecting that perfect flannel shirt is as easy as making a decision about what you want in a flannel shirt and clicking on the corresponding button on the website.

Looking for that perfect flannel shirt to take your lady to the local discotheque this weekend? Go with the slim fitting and lightweight “Trim Fit Free Swinging Flannel Shirt”. This shirt is equipped with a roomy tradesman’s fit and armpit gussets. You will be the object of lustful desire of every woman at “Whiskey Dicks Bar & Grill”, as you bust a move on the dance floor better than John Travolta in Saturday Night Fevah. AND don’t forget the button-down collar on these impressive shirts, means you can wear it under a sport jacket.

Need a shirt to keep you dry and comfortable on the coldest day ice fishing in the Arctic Circle or Northern Maine in June? Go with the wood-choppin', horse-loggin' 8oz 100% cotton burly weight flannel. Heavy, rugged and warm, even Paul Bunyan woulda liked one like this.

No matter what your flannel needs, Duluth Trading Company also on Twitter @DuluthTradingCo, has a shirt fit for your every wanton desire!

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