Monday, July 21, 2014

Functional Elegance by Byer of Maine

The Byer Manufacturing Company has been creating what I like to call "The Goud Stuff” since 1880. This Maine based company has reinvented itself numerous times over the decades in order to keep pace with the American market place and a rapidly evolving global economy. Currently, Byer of Maine produces a wide assortment of products, most interesting perhaps its furniture and equipment specifically designed to make summah days wick’d comfortable and relaxing.

To me, a trip to the beach, hanging out on the deck, or an evening relaxing around a campfire would be incomplete without my posterior resting comfortably in the Pangean Glider. More than simply a "chair", this is an essential relaxation tool, the perfect blend of elegance, class, function and practicality these gliders are as pleasing to look at as they are comfortable to sit in. The glider literally wraps you in comfort, allowing you to lean back and rest your head and neck after a long day.

Upgrade a single glider purchase a double and reap the benefits of years of happy memories with your closest someone, watching sunsets, roasting marshmallow and dipping toes in the oceans soft sand.

The trend by most outdoor companies these days seems to be moving toward creating cheap outdoor furniture and equipment made of plastic and other inferior items that end up in the trash can after one season of hard use. Though typically inexpensive, consumers quickly realize that they truly get what they pay for and landfills are filled with these worthless pieces of garbage. With a small investment, buy the best, something that will be a joy to sit in for years to come.

Though it lacks a drink holder, it more than makes up for this deficit with the Pangean Folding Table. Purchased separately, this small functional table allows "chillaxers" a firm place to set a bottle and a couple glasses of wine, lunch or if needed, ones feet after a long and tiring day.

Remember that like all works of art, furniture made of fabric and wood must be properly cared for if it is to be enjoyed for years to come. Both the table and chair come from the factory with a basic protective stain but if one plans to keep the furniture outside for an extended length of time, the chair and table would benefit from a yearly application of a flat varnish containing UV protection. This application will seal the wood to protect it from splintering and keep the stain  from fading and losing its beauty. A fabric UV protectant like Ray Block that helps fabrics resist sun fading and dry rot can also be employed to protect the chair’s cloth seat. Embers can burn holes in the fabric, so when placing chairs close to a fire pit make sure to not leave unattended.

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