Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beat Summer's HEAT with DULUTH!

The hike to the summit was typical for summer in Maine, hot, muggy and buggy. Tough conditions requiring long sleeves and pants to keep the biting hordes away but also requiring a light enough fabric to allow one to remain dry and comfortable. These are not the conditions where cotton thrives, as once damp; cotton stays damp and uncomfortable and tends to rub a person in the most delicate places.

Fortunately on this day, I was trying out the Armachillo shirt and Dry on the Fly "work" pants by Duluth Trading Company. While most envision clothing from Duluth as “work wear”, let me assure you that these clothes are as suitable for use by fishermen, canoeists, backpackers and climbers.

Basically, if you plan to be outside in the oppressive summer heat, you want to be swathed in these two finely constructed Duluth products. While the shirt and pants are lightweight and breathable, they are constructed with a fabric that is incredibly tough and surprisingly soft.

The Armachillo Shirt contains “made-in-the-jade” technology and the Dry on the Fly pants are constructed with integrated UPF 40 sun protection, creating a barrier to the suns rays that will allow you to have fun in the summer sun without feeling its wrath.

Do yourself a favor this summer and bring an end to being uncomfortable. Start enjoying your favorite outdoor pursuits with clothing from your hard working friends at Duluth Trading Company!

For more Maine outdoor adventure pictures, please join me on Instagram and Twitter as I tour our amazing state protected, dry and comfortable in  "work" equipment and clothing by Duluth!

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