Monday, June 30, 2008

Kennebec Striper Report by Fish Dog

Fish Dog's Striper Report

*Fish Dog is a beautiful 65 lb black lab who has been an integral part of our pack for the past three years. She is passionate about all water related sports and is never far from my side whenever we find the time in our busy schedules to go fishing, duck hunting or swimming.

Woof . . . the early morning rains managed to hold off and Big Boss and I decided to head out under lead gray skies down to a new fishing spot on the Kennebec River. Big boss rigged up a couple poles, organized an assortment of lures, poured me a bowl of “K9 Krunchies” (Did I mention that I LOVE to eat?) and we were off to try our luck with the striped bass. I was so excited that I paced back and forth in the truck the entire drive and finally had to stick my head out the window to keep from hyperventilating! Did I mention that I LOVE fishing? From the moment we arrived at the deserted pier, I knew it was going to be a great morning. Big Boss opened the door and immediately the smell of brackish water, strange dog poop and gopher drifted lazily across the parking lot . . . in an completely unladylike manner perhaps I drooled a little.

Big Boss put on my leash in case we encountered anyone and we walked down the steep incline toward the river. Did I mention I LOVE to excitedly greet people by sometimes jumping on them? I pulled perhaps a little bit hard on my leash and Big Boss tripped and spilled nuclear hot coffee on his leg . . . he is so funny when he screams like a little girl!

Looking up on Big Boss's wrist, I noted the time was 6:30 AM. Already several other dedicated fishermen were trolling and casting along the shoreline but as we watched nobody seemed to be catching anything. Around 6:45 AM the first sturgeon cleared the water and splashed down with a force that sounded like a stick of cord wood being dropped from an airplane. Big Boss didn't see it but I estimated the length at between 4-5 feet. Did I mention I LOVE sturgeon? One sturgeon broke the surface so close to me that I had to give case!

The leap off the high dock granite dock was exhilarating and the cool waters of the Kennebec refreshing! Swimming across the strong current unfortunately was harder than I anticipated and the fish escaped. Did I mention I LOVE fish? Big Boss was so funny, he worried that I might drown. Doesn't he know labs are born with webbed feet? Big Boss had to crawl down the 8 foot high granite dock to lift me out of the water. Did I mention I LOVE swimming? Why Big Boss didn't just jump in with me and swim around I will never know. He looked pretty “heated” from the whole incident, so to cool him down I shook drenching him . . . he seemed very appreciative . . . or maybe relieved?!?!?

Big boss looked up in the sky and told me that a front was moving in and a dropping barometer combined with the current tidal conditions could possibly entice the fish to bite at anytime. I whined a little bit just thinking about possibly catching a slot sized fish! We stayed a couple hours and threw every lure we had in the arsenal at them but by the time it was ready to go home we were fishless.

On the ride back home Big Boss told me that one of the state marine resource employees had said the water temperature was still to cold and that the really big fish had not yet migrated this far up the river. Perhaps Big Boss and I will try again next weekend! (Did I mention that I LOVE Big Boss and that he LOVES me?)

BONUS: Here is a close-up picture of the granite dock where we were fishing. Big Boss and I thought some of you might like to use it as a desktop background. Take Care!

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