Friday, June 27, 2008

The Perfect Desktop Background

Sea Duck Hunting on the Atlantic

Digital shot currently set as my laptop background and taken during one of our many hunts for Eiders and Old Squaws (Long Tailed Duck) on the Atlantic. I know that anyone who enjoys extreme duck hunting as much as the members of Duck Power Inc. do are going to eat this up! Enjoy!


  1. OK, we live far away from the ocean so all of our waterfowl hunting is done on fields, lakes and marshes but you are making me wish it was November and we could go hunting with this picture...

    The ocean scares me (hey, even the lake scares me - you can call me chicken, it's ok - at least I still hunt!) but my husband would love to do a hunt like this - maybe one day.

    Great Background!

  2. Blessed,

    Hey thanks for stopping by and posting!

    I already have three vacation days reserved for the Waterfowl Hunting season opener! I hunt puddles (lakes and swamps) during the month on October and then move out to the Atlantic Nov-Jan when the male Eiders develop their beautiful mature plumage.

    What is scary about motoring out onto the Atlantic in a blizzard with icy waves splashing up onto the deck while navigating through lobster buoys by the light of a crescent moon? HEHE . . . if you aren't scared then something is wrong. No not a chicken! LOL!

    Well if you are ever out this way, I know several good guide services or (depending on your boat/gear) can point you to several safe hunting locations.

    Take Care!

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