Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ice Fishing in a Canoe?

One of this things I find most exciting about a day on on the ice, is you never know what you might end up seeing. Wild animals like coyotes, moose, deer, otters fox, beavers and other critters can at anytime show their faces and make a average day on the ice extraordinary. When you add to this mix a chance to catch a wall hanging fish specimen, it is no question why a day in the icy wilds of Maine is so attractive to such a huge number of sportsmen.

Along this line of "outdoor entertainment" it never fails to amaze me what creative Mainers will do when they have amble amounts of time and a healthy childish sense of play. Saw these guys out trolling for salmon this past weekend and wanted to share. No worries they had lifejackets in the canoe!


  1. With the recent incidents of people going through the ice, maybe they were just playing it safe ... kind of like the life jackets on airplanes. This is great! Thanks.

  2. There was a great article from the editor in a recent DownEast magazine...and just to prove his point that one should accept the truly Maine winter and enjoy it- these guys certainly have hit the mark. Fun post, hilarious clip- their laughter is contagious!


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