Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bear Video

This video was taken last season of a bear working a bait site. This bear was not harvested, so for the nature lovers among us there are NO impact shots. This video serves as a great educational tool to show clients how to successfully estimate bear size. Note that the bear passes a stump that is approximately 25 inches in height. My challenge for commenters, to accurately judge the bear's weight. 


  1. I'm fairly new to bear hunting but I would guess based on the bear that I shot this year that this bear is 300 to 350 pounds?

  2. 200 lbs. at most.

  3. I agree with the Duck Hunter...Maybe as little as 125.

  4. Thanks all for posting your best guesses! The actual bear weight (yes, this bear was harvested shortly after the video segment) was 110 pounds. It just goes to show you how hard it actually is to properly estimate what a bear weighs.

  5. Why was a bear that only weighed 110 pounds killed? Isn't that practically a baby? Is that legal there?

  6. KT - Yes that is a "smallish" bear. However, I believe that the average harvested bruin is around 125 lbs.

    This season two other bear were taken that were 90 and 75 lbs. I personally would not harvest a bear that small and as guides we try and educate clients to properly judge bear size so they don't mistakenly take a small bear or a bucket cub (one that could fit inside a 5 gallon bucket).

    Personally, I have passed on many bears over 4 years waiting for one over 200 lbs but for some impatience, inability to properly judge size or their own view of what constitutes a "trophy" make them pull the trigger to soon.

    Remember, if you shoot the small ones you will rarely ever get the chance to pull the trigger on a truly massive animal.

    Oh and finally yes it is legal to shoot a bear of any size.

  7. Thank you RO for your considerate explanation. I can appreciate the fact that you discourage hunters from taking bears so small. It's hard to believe someone would kill a bear small enough to fit into a 5 gal. bucket. I also like the fact that you called it, "harvested" as opposed to "bear hunting" or "trophy", call it what it is, and it's not "hunting". I respect hunting rights, but I am really appalled by the person who just wants to shoot and kill something. Thanks for being one of those hunters I can respect.


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