Monday, October 4, 2010

Deer Caught on Game Camera

Deer Returning to Bedding Area
Deer Caught on IR Game Camera During Nightly Activities
Deer Grabbing Afternoon Snack

Game cameras offer the outdoor enthusiast a unique perspective into the habits and habitats of many unique and interesting animals. Since I began using these units last November, I have captured hundreds of different photos of coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, deer, red/gray squirrels, bear, turkeys, porcupine, moose, the occasional blue jay and generally some fairly strange stuff. While the possibilities for the naturalist and wild life watcher are numerous, game cameras offer hunters the ability to use data, collected from the field, to pinpoint game animals and target hunting times and locations that will most likely link with the animal being hunted.

In support of these valuable hunting tools, here are a few hints, suggestions and general knowledge I have amassed throughout the past year.


  1. Those pictures are so cool. I have got to start looking in a different spot because my cam is not picking up anything.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

  2. I decided when I picked up my Moultrie D-65IR this year that I did not have a clue as to the proper way to mount it and get pictures. I have played with it in the yard by the road ... taking pictures of things moving faster than game would. Then, I moved it into the backyard to get pictures of animals ... lots of chickens and dogs.

    I am confortable with the art of camera placement but have not found the time to move it to the woods. I wonder how much of the grumbling about these things is simply poor placement ... it is not simply place it and there you go ... as you probably already know. Nice pictures!

  3. RK, I ran into the same problem with my cameras when I first started putting them out. You really have to target landforms that force deer and critters into small travel corridors. My favorite is a game path that runs between the side of a small pond and a cliff face. It acts like a natural funnel.

  4. DEM, I find that even when you do find that "magic" spot where the critters seem to constantly march by the lens of your game camera you will still find yourself tweaking things like camera angle, camera height, cutting back leaves and plants so the wind doesn't set off the camera, etc. It certainly is a work in progress playing with these valuable tools. Good luck!

  5. great post thanks


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