Friday, December 30, 2011

The Old Man Shoots A Waltzing Duck

Searching through the video and picture vault the other evening, I found this clip of Dad, Matt (my brother) and I hunting ducks on Merry Meeting Bay. This segment is classic old man and I chuckle each time it is played. These few megabytes of data help remind my rapidly aging recollections and preserve some of my favorite and most precious memories shared with Dad and my brother.

In this particular video segment, please note Dad’s statement “You boys shoot the ducks that want to swing and lindy hop and I will shoot the ones that want to waltz.” I really don’t remember if the old man fired a single shot that beautiful morning on the bay, I am guessing that sitting peacefully in the boat, drinking coffee and watching the antics of his two sons was likely more enjoyable then the prospect of shooting ducks.


  1. Very cool post. I like the video and it comes through loud and clear that you are all having a good time in the reeds...PRP

  2. PrP, No matter the outcome of a hunt or the weather, times with those two I always cherish.

  3. PB, LOL! Can't wait till he see that video!

  4. Just "Shared" this on my FB page. Of course with the appropriate credits!

  5. PBM, EXCELLENT, I await the impending fallout. :)


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