Monday, January 30, 2012

Misery Ridge Worth a Read

My latest reading, “Tales from Misery Ridge, One Man’s Adventure in the Great Outdoors” by Paul Fornier was a Christmas gift I had been anxious to receive. I tore through the 195 pages in a single day and was very pleased with the content. 

Do a search for this book on the Internet and you will likely find a dozen different reviews. Rather than bore you with another review that mimics that plethora of others online, here is my brief account.

The book contains several short stories of adventure from Paul’s life as a Maine Guide, bush pilot, sporting camp owner and employee of Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. As would be expected, anyone who lived a life pursuing these professions is strongly likely to have dozens of impressive stories. Paul whittles down his diverse life experiences and weaves an impressive tale. Of course my interest centered on his life as a guide, bush pilot and sporting camp owner, as it made a direct connection with my passions. As the book progressed into his critical role in supporting IF&W public relations campaigns, I could feel my eyes beginning to glaze over and I felt actual dread at having to read the chapters on the Eagle Nesting Project and the Caribou Relocation. However, I paid for the book and gosh darn it I was going to read them anyway and get my monies worth!

Paul’s account of the attempted reintroduction of caribou to Maine really provides a close and heart felt look at the hardships and difficulties faced by all involved in that monumental effort, ultimately ending in failure. To my surprise, I found this the best chapter in the book and was very happy I “struggled” through it. Overall the book contains a fantastic collection of short stories filled with variety of fun, witty and classically “Maine” tales. 


  1. Haven't got to this one yet Rabid. Thanks for the review..

  2. My husband was a forestry tech in the University forest during the caribou project. We hoped it would be successful. I enjoyed seeing them a lot.

    I hadn't heard about this book so thanks for the post. I'll order it soon.

  3. Hi Steve,
    I just picked up this book today after reading your review. I look forward to reading about the caribou relocation project.
    Best, Peter Patenaude

  4. Peter, Thanks for commenting. Two more classic Maine reads that you may enjoy are "Adventures Afield" by Matt Curry and "Where Cool Waters Flow" by Randy Spencer. Take care!

  5. I have read "Where Cool Waters Flow", it's a great read. I’ll try to find Adventures Afield, thanks for the suggestion. I put up a new book every month on so if you are ever out of ideas of what to read next be sure to check it out.
    Best, Peter

  6. It is being featured by the Downeast Lakes Land Trust in their book discussion series.

  7. It is being featured by the Downeast Lakes Land Trust in their book discussion series.


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