Monday, January 9, 2012

Thin Ice in January?!?!

I have to admit that ice fishing on just three inches of ice in Maine during the month of January is a VERY strange concept. Call it global warming, climate change or whatever you like but bottom line is that things are taking a lot longer to freeze and staying frozen a shorter amount of time. A reminder to anyone venturing out on the ice, ice scoop might read 3 inches but that ice thickness might not be consistent. Make sure to teat the ice at regular intervals and have handy a pair of ice self rescue tools. For a couple bucks these devices can literally be a life save. Note in the photo above, mine are hanging out of my coat sleeve. These devices have a sharpened metal point hidden under a retractable plastic housing. When they strike a hard surface, like ice, the metal point is exposed and drives into the object. If you chance to fall through the ice these would make self extraction much easier. Good luck to everyone and be safe!


  1. It seems as if we play this game every year, last year we didn't even get on the ice until the second weekend of January and fished well into March.

    Ten years ago, we hit the trout hole with one person drilling holes secured by rope for recovery. The ice was four inches, no different than the ice I stood on this past weekend.

    I would also encourage people to stick around the shorelines right now, shallow water is just as cold but at least you're standing. I do not intend to cross deeper water until the reports are more favorable.

    Is it safe to publicly announce the 2012 Febauchery??? yup... new term... legendary...

  2. DDH, 3 Inches of ice is SKETCHY if you are 2 feet off shore or 20, especially when you have a spinning high power ice auger in your hands! Ice near rock outcroppings was spiderwebbing on Saturday . . . spooky.

    I watched many people walk out and fish off the islands on Togus pond which was open water 7 days before. Not what I would attempt!

    I think we need to begin the smack talk for the Febauchery WEEK of ice fishing! Fire away ya hozer!

  3. Good advice Duck Hunter and Rabid. Two days ago I drove by one of the local ponds here in Waldo County and there was still open water off shore..just not worth it...

  4. I can't put my finger on it, but this weather, very very wrong, has we a little bit on edge. I am looking forward a month or two and wondering if there will be any maple sugaring this spring.

  5. I officially announced that we are fu-bared for waterfowl season (we run until the end of January) after I read someone's comment on a message board that started with the phrase,

    "...that one day we had skim ice."

    NOOOOOO! We are supposed to be complaining about the shipping lanes of the Chesapeake Bay being locked up right now, and causing the divers to migrate to the Outer Banks of NC!! Not "one day of skim ice." Which by the way, lasted until 830am before it broke off and floated out with the tide.


  6. PBM, I wonder how this latest snow will now work to insulate the thin ice?!?!!

  7. DEM, That is a great question and something I had not thought of before. Maple sap can only occur with a freeze thaw correct? Nights with freezing temps and days with above freezing?

    I am just happy it is finally snowing! Can't wait to strap on the x-country skis!

  8. RM, It is a raging blizzard outside my window right now and I will be lucky if I can manage to make it home in my damn rented Ford Focus. I spit on your 8:30 AM "skim ice"! :)


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