Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Ammo Can Grill and Grill Kit

M1A1 Grill - $29.95
As if having an ammo can stove wasn’t good enough, how about having an ammo can grill! Yes, that is correct a small but very functional grill made right out of an ammo can! Just fill it up with some charcoal, throw on a few hotdog and hamburgers and BLAM instant cookout party!

I can see that this would be a very fun and handy little rig to bring to the beach or on a camping trip, where open fires are prohibited. With just a small amount of charcoal or with some sticks and twigs a person can quickly create the coals necessary to cook a small meal. Though the actually size of the stove’s cooking surface will limit what you can cook (think about 8 hotdogs or about 4 hamburgers) it is still plenty big enough for most picnic style outings with the family.

Just a word of caution, the bottom of the stove can get VERY hot and will burn or melt about anything it is placed on or near. So use caution when placing on a truck tailgate (think burned paint or rubber), grass lawn or wooden picnic table. All of these items will potentially be ruined if they come in contact with the bottom of the ammo can grill. With caution and some insulating tile, all of these issues can be resolved so make sure to plan ahead!

When planning and outing with your ammo can stove, it pays to have all the elements you might require to cook a meal for the family already packet within the ammo can itself. This pre-thought will ensure that you don’t accidentally forget some critical element at home!

AMMO CAN Grill Kit (Everything can be stored in the Ammo Can!!)
1. Small spatula
2. Small metal fork
3. Tin cup
4. Small frying pan
5. Instant Coffee
6. Ziploc bag filled with “Matchlight” charcoal
7. Tea light candles
8. Matches or lighter
9. Salt and Pepper
10. Knife
11. 8-10 Paper towels
12. Please post a comment and add other suggestions!

Lastly, enjoy your summer time grilling good grub in the wilderness and if your in the market for a new grill why not drop by and check out:


  1. That is a very good idea, I like it.

  2. Outstanding piece of kit. This shall be my next project

  3. Perfect for low impact canoe tripping. It's on my Christmas list. Bonus that I'll be supporting my home state of VA.


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