Sunday, May 6, 2012

Find Your Own Nest!

This video depicts a couple hen turkeys apparently confused as to who should sit on the nest. I found this nest while scouting for turkeys and thought it would be fun to put a game camera on it and watch the comings and goings and various antics that would occur. Continue to monitor the blog for video updates. Maybe with continued effort I can get the hatching of the chicks on camera!


  1. Great idea and find! I'm excited to see this throughout the process. I hope you get to catch the poults hatching, that'd be great to see!

  2. Justin, I am hoping to provide weekly blog updates on Sundays and look forward to seeing what happens! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Are you sure that is a nest? Looks to be too much in the open for a good nesting site. Looks more like a "dusting" site in the video. If it is a nest, then I am surprized she didn't seek more cover.

    1. Great points Trey. I was wondering the same thing myself. I have a ton of video however that show her sitting in this spot for over an hour?!?! I have never seen these behaviors so am unsure . . . could it still simply be a dusting spot?

  4. Could be. The ground may be warmer or cooler there in that spot. I would go back and check to see if it looks like a nest or bare dirt. Interesting.

  5. Trey, It is currently bare dirt but in the video she keeps pulling grass into it. The spot is in a warm area that gets a ton of sun so is likely very warm. No eggs yet but I will keep watching. Its a freaking riddle wrapped in a conundrum!!


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