Friday, May 11, 2012

ThermaCELL Helps Reclaim the Outdoors!

Venture into rural or "woods" Maine, during the months of May through July and you will likely be eaten alive by black flies and mosquitoes. These little harbingers of doom and despair, have for their diminutive size a huge ability to annoy.

Typically attacking in swarms and inflicting itchy bites, they can quickly turn any fun outside event or activity into a dreaded task. Planting/weeding gardens, family picnics, fishing, spring turkey hunting, fiddleheading, hikes and evening walks, all fall victim to the wrath of the buzzing, biting insects. When the bugs are bad, it is not unusual for my entire family to refuse to venture outside, thus putting limits on our family adventures in the Maine wilds.

Over the years, it has been a constant battle against these foes, so that at least a small respite or margin of relief could be granted from their constant annoyance. Head nets, body nets, DEET, Skin-So-Soft and a huge selection of other natural and unnatural sprays and lotions. No product no mater how poisonous, neurologically damaging, cancer causing or bad smelling was beyond reproach.

Fortunately, the search for the proverbial “holy grail” of bug eliminators is finally over. A product has arrived on the market, that is not a gimmick and I can personally guarantee its effectiveness in defending against the Maine state bird and his blood sucking brethren. Thy savior has doth a name and art be ThermaCELL!

From the Mouths of Babes – This short video show a horde of angry blackflies annoying my young son. Minutes after turning on the ThermaCELL see what happens! 

 *I have received ABSOLUTELY no kickbacks, free merchandise or received any monetary gain from this post. I simply want to share with the general public, a fantastic product that is guaranteed to make your time in the woods and on the waters of Maine with your family more enjoyable. If you purchase a ThermaCELL and it works for you as well please share your personal story via the comments! ThermaCELLS are available in a huge selection of stores from Cabelas to Bass Pro. For information on where to purchase your Thermacell simply click on one of the store links above.

ThermaCELL also works to repel TICKS! For more on repelling ticks read "TICKS SUCK!"


  1. I haven't bought one of these because I thought it was a bunch of hogwash, but now I want one. And I will have one tonight! ESPECIALLY because you say they help repel ticks! Mia and I have used skin-so-soft with Picaridin for a few years and have been lucky to not encounter a tick. This year though, our luck has run out! Lol

    Brook fishing and such will be much more enjoyable! Too bad it won't be affective hiking though!

    1. You need to get one immediately . . . they are awesome. TIcks are attracted to CO2 just like black flies and mosquitoes. The ThermaCELL seems to interfere with the ability of these three critter to locate us and attack! Get one and please be sure to tell me what you think!

      ThermaCELL comes with a handy carrying pouch that attaches directly to your belt. I haven't used them much when hiking but I have to believe that they would work fine as long as it wasn't REALLY windy. Then again if it is really windy usually the bugs aren't that bad!

      Thanks for commenting! Take care!

    2. Hmmm...I will be sure to try it hiking too then! I had looked through the FAQ's on the site and one of them was how effective it would be while walking, and ThermaCell had said that it was most effective on a flat stationary surface. But, don't know unless you try! I'll get back to you with my thoughts on it's performance! :)

    3. Ashley, I honestly use mine primarily while stationary. Sitting in a blind or tree stand. When I am moving I am usually not as bothered by the bugs. HOWEVER, now that my hiking pace is considerable slower as the Wildman and the Savage begin joining along it might come in very handy. Please keep me apprised! TC!

  2. I take mine with me turkey hunting during black fly season. The mosquitoes are terrible in late summer and early fall. I couldn't bear hunt without ThermaCell. I wouldn't be able to stay still in the stand.

    ThermaCell emailed me this morning to ask if I'll test products for them. I'm eager to see if they're coming out with something new.

    1. RF, I know what you mean! When you have to sit still there is nothing more irritating then a mosquito drilling into your face!

      Very nice! Will be interesting to see what the next great product is. I am hoping they send me one of those new ThermaCELLS with the light!

      Thanks for commenting!


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