Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ice Fishing Favorite Photos - 2013

Kate from has been joining me on my winter ice fishing adventures and taking some fantastic photographs. Kate is a professional level photographer, who had contacted me a few weeks ago, about connecting to take some photographs of me doing "outdoorsy" stuff. 

Her plan is to build up her already impressive "Outdoor Events" photographic portfolio. I of course readily agreed to this arrangement, as it is always a struggle to take quality photos of yourself out in the wilds to be used in stories and blog posts. Thanks to Kate and her great eye, I now have tons of photos to accompany my writings! 

Jeezum Bud! I think I caught a Mud Puppy!
The sun sets on another prefect day on the ice!
I am ICE FISHING! I ain't got time to bleed!
Last fish, last minute! Always be vigilant in your pursuits!
Yessah! Ayuh!
Slow stroll on slippery ice to FLAG!


  1. She did a wonderful job!! Love these photos!!

    1. Kate is wicked talented! I am sure she will love seeing your compliments! Thanks!


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