Monday, February 4, 2013

Predator Hunting Favorite Pictures

I had a great time this past weekend hanging out with Kate from Kate is a professional level photographer, who had contacted me a few weeks previous, about connecting to take some photographs of me doing "outdoorsy" stuff. 

Her plan is to build up her already impressive "Outdoor Events" photographic portfolio. I of course readily agreed to this arrangement, as it is always a struggle to take quality photos of yourself out in the wilds to be used in stories and blog posts. Thanks to Kate and her great eye, I know have tons of photos to accompany my writings! 


  1. When does the calendar come out??

  2. Snow camo very fashionable! Nice pictures!

  3. Can you please wear less clothing next time? Haha.. she's a good photographer. Came out good. Send her my way.

  4. "Me think him went that away, Kemosabe.." (The quote may be before your time Rabid..Ask SV Sr. about it..)

  5. Great post, and great pictures! I need to find someone to follow Mia and I around with a camera while we're out doing our "outdoorsy" stuff! Lol



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