Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This is One Bad Axe Jacket!

Bad Axe Build for Rabid Outdoorsmen!
Bad Axe Jacket by Carhartt EXTREME! 

Its raining, the kind of wind driven rain that comes at you sideways, tearing at you in an attempt to find chinks in your suit of waterproof armor. It’s a cold, penetrating, wetness desperate to succeed in its mission to drench and chill you to the bone.

Early spring in Maine has reached its climax and mud season is in full swing. Pleasantly warm days quick digress as nighttime temperatures still threaten frost and a person cold, wet and unprepared in the wilds could easily slip into a life-threatening situation. It is exactly this time of year that outdoorsmen underestimate, often leading into serious trouble.

It is critically important to stay dry and certainly preferable to be comfortable in Maine’s unforgiving and fickle weather conditions and doing so successfully, requires high quality clothing. Clothing designed thoughtfully, with care and capable of shrugging off even the most horrific of weather conditions.

Sealed Pockets!
Enter onto the scene, the new Bad Axe Jacket from Carhartt EXTREME. This is the kind of gear you want to have on when you need to punch Mother Nature in the mouth to get the job done. The lightweight, rugged, rainproof nylon shell and high strength nylon reinforced cuffs wrap you in a veritable coating of waterproofing. Stretchable inserts at the elbows and back enhance ease of movement, and full-length side zips allow heat venting for active hikers and backpackers.

Headphone Access!
The Bad Axe is LOADED with practical features that guarantee it will be your “go to” jacket when the weather turns gnarly. Zippers feature rubber seams similar to a dry suit, making them impervious to anything Mother Nature can throw at it. The breast pocket allows you to throw in your MP3 player and snake your headphones through an interior hole, making it easy to continue listening to your favorite tunes, in even the most inclement of weather!

When you need to rely on a product built for the ultimate in outdoor performance, this jacket needs to be on your list! Stay tuned as I continue to test the Bad Axe jacket throughout the summer and fall, putting it through the most rabid of Maine's changing and challenging environments!

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