Sunday, February 9, 2014

It is TIME to Try Smelting!

Never been fishing for salt water smelt and want to give it a try? Then why not join me and others at Worthings Smelt Shack in Randolph, Maine on Tues. Feb. 18th from 5:00-11:30 PM! Call Worthings at 207-582-3199 and reserve your own shack or join the smelting party in the 10 man disco shack!

All shacks are comfortably heated with small wood stoves and we will be serving up "wild" delicacies throughout the evening.

One and all are invited but especially those who have never been smelting OR even fishing and want to be introduced to this fun sport! Please contact me at for more details!

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  1. So, never been smelting - besides myself, a warm beverage and a few good fish stories, what needs to be brought?


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