Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Maine is a Hunting and Fishing Paradise

The following is a short blurb that I wrote for the Maine Department of Tourism in October of 2014, it describes why Maine is a hunting and fishing paradise. Enjoy! 

Maine’s impressive diversity of fish and game, untouched forests and pristine waters make it the dream destination for hunters and anglers. Boasting healthy populations of both large and small game species and large variety of native and stocked fish, Maine provides a rare sporting environment difficult to find anywhere else in North America. Moose, black bear, whitetail deer and wild turkey, snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse and woodcock all call the Maine woods home, while countless salmon, brook trout, smallmouth bass and lake trout inhabit the gin-clear waters.

No matter the season of the year, Maine’s abundance species and habitats, offer unique fishing and hunting opportunities, sure to match the interest and passion of every sporting man and woman. Maine’s size and low population density provide assurance that any trip taken afield is only filled with the sounds of peace and quiet. Fly fish a tranquil lake, where the only competition is a bald eagle or hunt a remote section of the backcountry devoid of the footprints of another human being. Through its vast expanses of public and private lands, both remote and accessible hunting and fishing exist, providing exciting sporting options for people of all skill levels. From extreme, rugged backcountry off the grid excursions to extravagant sporting camps and plush accommodations, Maine has an adventure to match every person’s ability, needs and budget. Whether pursuing whitetails over its jagged granite hewn mountains, fishing for striped bass on its rocky coast, chasing moose across the vast expanses of the north country or casting a dry fly into some long forgotten secluded pond, Maine’s geological features and topography are as incredible as the game animals that inhabit it.

 In Maine, hunting and fishing are more than simply outdoor pursuits; they are an integral part of our lifestyle, culture and traditions. Maine supports these ideals, by fostering a warm and welcoming environment for all sporting men and women through its network of registered guides who work tirelessly to help veteran and novice hunters and anglers alike safely enjoy their visit to Maine’s woods and waters. Maine’s exquisite natural beauty has persevered through the ages and its quiet atmosphere of relaxed splendor, nourishes the soul, enriching any outdoor experiences and making it easy to understand why sporting men and women have flocked here for generations.

Maine is truly special, the colors here are exceedingly vibrant, the smells lighter and more fragrant, the water sweeter, it is a place where the totality of success is measured not in the fish caught or animal shot but rather that one departs, from their time spent here, knowing that new friendships have been made, dreams accomplished and with the unflinching realization that they must soon return to this extraordinary place. Come to Maine and create hunting and fishing memories that will last a lifetime.

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