Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Making a Living Down East

Photo documentary of the Lobstering and Worming Industry in Down East, Maine by Steve Vose

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to spend a few days with the wonderful people of Jonesport, Maine. During my stay, I was invited to job shadow a couple of the local residents in their daily work on the waters and flats of this great state and in the process have gained new found respect for these incredible individuals.

Please click the following link to see the: Piscasa Web (Lobstering and Worming) Gallery of the complete trip.


  1. Those are some great pictures.Those guys work hard just to make a decent living.

  2. I completely agree . . . I was exhausted at the end of the two days just trying to keep up with taking photos.

  3. I tell you what rabid, it was absolutely enjoyable having you spend some time down east again and actually getting to participate in the self-employed industries of worming and lobstering... I often joke that there should be no reason for anybody in Washington County to be on welfare for there exists a drove of economic opportunities... people just need to put their nose to the grindstone but I fear it has become to easy for people to live the good life where everyday is Saturday... You show me a Republican on welfare and I'll quit my "extra" jobs... In all seriousness, I love my life and am proud of what I do... and I'm glad to say that I can spend my summers working alongside my father... There will be a day where those pictures will be priceless and I'll treasure them forever...

    Had a great time buddy and look forward to your next post about your big trip...
    Downeast Duck Hunter

  4. Just poking around on the internet and stumbled across your photo documentary. Nice job. I fish along side both of these guys and they are two of the nicest guys around. When you hear the term "salt of the earth", it's guys like these that come to mind. Thanks for putting this up for people to see.

  5. Dano,

    Thanks for the positive comments, they are much appreciated. Glad that the photos could be enjoyed. It was an honor to "hang" with both these guys and document their livelihood.


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