Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't Shoot I am a Man!

I had to post this humorous picture of a hunting vest I saw during deer season. The scary part the fellow wearing it said was . . . "when I walk out into a field how many hunters use their scope to look and see what is written on my back?" Makes you wonder doesn't it!

If anyone has seen these vests or knows where I can purchase one please drop a comment! I think they would make great Christmas presents for a couple of my in-laws I have been trying to get rid of for years! :)


  1. I'll bet you could make it easy enough with iron-ons. You can buy iron-on paper for your printer at any craft store and I'm pretty sure I've seen it at Walmart, too.

  2. Jodi,

    Your making the assumption that I have crafty skills and own an iron . . . of which I have neither. LOL!

  3. Ah, but this requires no craftiness whatsover. It requires a Word program (any will do), a printer and an iron. Are you telling me your wife has no iron? I never iron and even I have one hidden away in the back of the hall closet. (Don't look for an ironing board, though... lol)

  4. Oh now that is prideless.Even though it probaly costs less than a buck to make I would pay good money for one.I guess I just don't get why people would wonder what it says.If you see the orange then clearly it isn't a deer,anyway nice find.

  5. Too funny. I was gonna say the same as Joni. Us girls, we think alike!

  6. You can make that easily yourself. All you need is to get some cheap stencils in hardware store, a paintbrush and a small tin of black paint. Having said that and given the hunters comment that he get scoped a lot. I would reconsider.

    Some hunters have a bad habit in scooping other hunters. I have been scoped several times this year. I caught one of these hunters and told him if he does it again I will wrap the rifle firmly around his head.


  7. I want mine to say, "Please shoot, I'm married"...

  8. Jodi - My wife doesn't "iron" she "steams". :)

    TBD - A few years back a hunter shot a guy out of a canoe with his .30-06 said he was checking the people out with his scope when the gun accidentally went off . . . some people scare me!

    CG - Don't encourage her! LOL!

    OV - That is a scary thought. I wonder how many times it happens and you aren't even aware. "Wrap the rifle around this head" - EXCELLENT idea!

    DEDH - I am laughing so hard at you comment I think I pee'd my pants a little.

    Great comments all thanks and happy holiday to your and your families!

  9. I'm actually pretty sure that this was made by the band DEVO. I saw lots of people wearing them at their last concert.


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