Friday, December 5, 2008

Easy Pickings

Hunters if you aren't yet out in the woods chasing after the bunnies go out NOW! White bunnies on the still very dark background of the Maine woods make the little guys stick out like sore thumbs. Took the dog for a walk after work last week and sitting about 10 yards off the trail I noticed the "varying hare" in the above picture sitting motionless under a small spruce tree. A load of #8s from my 12 gauge and he was Hasenfeffer. If anyone is interested in hunting bunnies this season don't feel as though you need to have a dog. I shoot several every season by just finding good cover (spruce thickets) and walking through very slowly. A ton more on hunting bunnies without a dog here. Get out there this weekend and good luck!


  1. With bunnies come coyotes, we have lots of coyotes and fox right now so the bunny population is severely reduced. Used to enjoy riding along in the pickup browsing the edges of the old grown back wood roads. Snow is on the way my man, looks like several inches this weekend down east...

  2. DEDH,

    Picked up a single shot H&R .243 this weekend (anticipate post next week entitled "new addition to the family") for controlling the local coyote population. Will be out this weekend trying it!

    Yes, a man needs to hurry and get out after the bunnies soon the advantage will be on their side!


  3. Haven't hunted rabbits in a good long time - but I'm with DEDH...those coyotes better be very scared of me this year - I've declared war!

  4. I love hunting rabbits, but honestly we normally don't do it until January - when deer season is over.

    I love hunting them with dogs, but my nephew works great as a dog as well:)

  5. SO, the only think I like better than hunting rabbits is eating them . . . delicious!

    I start really hunting them after deer season as well but here in Maine deer season is complete by the last day of Nov. unless you black powder then you have the first two weeks of Dec.

    Yes, a two or three man team can do well against the bunnies as long as the cover isn't super thick and everyone wears bright orange!


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