Monday, May 18, 2009

Garden Update II - May

5/16 Update – My father-in-law arrived from Massachusetts with 12 lettuce plants approximately 3 inches tall and one tomato plant around 5 inches tall. These were planted in garden one in the barren sections of the lettuce row. My plants in this section were struggling, so I calculated that perhaps these transplants being stronger would do better.

I thought it interesting to note, that the plants were transported in a brown paper bag and simply had their roots covered in a small amount of dirt. My father-in-law, a Portuguese farmer from the old country, certainly had no qualms about roughly handling the plants. In another bag, he brought a small amount of fertilizer and this he used to ring around each plant after he had transplanted them. They were then “refreshed” by a small amount of water and left to rest. I find this very interesting and will be curious to see if these transplants thrive.

Despite a heavy frost on 5/13, I looked over the peas today and thought they were growing extremely well. I went ahead and planted 10 more seeds in areas that had not sprouted. The pole beans still have not managed to break through the surface.

Several onions were trampled by the dog . . . recovery doubtful.

Inside starter plants:
4 cucumbers have managed to break the surface in my newly acquired “greenhouse” that I purchased at Longfellows last weekend.

7 Peppers are still surviving and about 1.5 inches tall. My 49 tomato plants range between 1 and 2 inches tall. I am still expecting to put them out in 2-3 weeks.

6 Pepper plants I purchased at Longfellows dropped their lower set of leaves. I am curious if I left them outside for to long on a windy day earlier this week.


  1. Glad the garden is working out. I wish I have enough space with adequate sun to have a small garden.

  2. I'm interested in this "greenhouse" you purchased. Pictures? (I so very badly want to make something to start flower seedlings next year - I spend far too much at the nursery to fill my pots and planters with).

  3. Rabid,
    We've got some action sprouting up and some tomato & lettuce put in this past weekend. Did you get the frost this morning? Fortunately for us, we only got down to 37 last night. Guess the coastal climate helped us dodge a bullet...


  4. Rick, already organizing my plans for an expansion next season!

    Jodi, Will post a few pics in my next garden update. Putting the tomatoes in this weekend and have a lot of other updates I need to make!

    DEDH, We have been hit with several frosts and despite me covering the cucumbers they have all now died. Peppers however managed to survive.


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