Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sportsmen Ethics 101

I can't deny that I didn't chuckle the first time I watched this video, however, as I began thinking about what I had just seen I began to feel quite differently. Apparently, over the years, I have been desentitized to the point where torturing animals on video is seen as humorous. Sad really and the more I have thought about it the more it has bothered me. As a hunter I believe in dispatching an animal as quickly and efficiently as possible. I realize that this process may not be perfect everytime and the possibility of wounding an animal is always present. Hunters, however, are NOT torturers nor do they receive any joy in seeing an animals suffer. In the end, I was glad I watched the video as it reminded me of who I am, who I am not and who I should strive to be. I encourage other sportsmen to keep these thoughts in mind as we enter hunting season. Please comment I am interested in others thoughts!


  1. Stupid and callus, typical of adolescent pranks where the only thought is of self gratification.

    I'm glad you pointed it out. It made me think too. It's going on this week's blog rodeo.

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  2. Number one I can't understand how this is on the internet without a site having pulled it yet.That being said no animal deserves to be treated in that manner.If I was 12 I would have laughed but I know better now and that is plain unacceptable.

  3. AAR, Thanks for including this post and my others on the Rodeo!

    AAR and TBD, thanks for offering your comments. Glad to see that others were bothered by the video and found it unacceptable.

  4. I still find it somewhat funny, but indeed, it is wrong

  5. Sick how some people, not only adolescents, get their joy from stunts like this. You know they say never look over your shoulder cause a payback is coming your way.


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