Friday, December 3, 2010

Deer Hunting Chores

Deer hunting season has ended but there are still chores to complete. The completion of a few simple tasks will make sure your next hunting season is safe, fun and successful. Here are a few suggestions . . . please add comments with others you may have!

  • Cut nuisance limbs and branches obstructing shooting lanes. After staring at them for long uneventful hours you must have them all memorized by now!
  • Make sure to put a light coat of oil on your shotgun or rifle. Do not to store it in a cloth case as moisture may collect and cause rust to form.
  • Thoroughly clean, dry and organize your hunting clothes. Nothing is worst then opening up a crateful of moldy hunting clothes opening day next November!
  • Organize your calls, toss old scent, empty pee bottle, etc. It your not planning to use your backpack for other outdoor pursuits, make sure to take out the beer jerky and other mouse tempting snacks.
  • Check your tree stand or climber to make sure it is in good shape. If it looks damaged replace or repair it.
    Inspect climbing harnesses for signs of abuse.
(REMEMBER to tell your spouse that now is the time to buy next year’s Deer hunting equipment, as many stores will be running SALES to liquidate DEER Gear and make way for ICE FISHING!!)

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