Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Be So Crabby!

Collection of fun Macro photographs of a small crab taken during a recent family outing to Wolfe's Neck State Park. For inquisitive kids who like to find crabs and other small intertidal creatures, the "Shore and Casco Bay Trail" is sure not to disappoint. Moving aside the seaweed and turning over small rocks will yield more periwinkles, mussels, nematodes and crabs then you can shake a stick of driftwood at! This awesome park is only 5 minutes from downtown Freeport so be sure to explore it after your next visit to L.L. Bean!


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  1. One of the great times for a Mainer kid..looking for crabs under seaweed..I still do it and I'm long removed from childhood..

    1. HA! I loved looking for crabs at the Robbinson boat launch. I remember once taking them home and them all escaping from the bucket in the middle of the night. The house stank for weeks and years later we still would find an occasional dehydrated crab in some weird spot! LOL! Good times, good times!


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