Monday, September 12, 2011

Macro Flower Photography - Pickerelweed

Pickerelweed NOT Invasive Purple Loosestrife 
I have to admit, I am not great at identify some of the more prolific of Maine's aquatic plant species. However, the photos below are of the easy to identify Pickerelweed. The pictures were taken on a recent paddling trip on Great Pond. Pickerelweed is highly edible and the seeds taste a lot like nuts. The leaves can also be eaten raw or boiled like greens. More on properly identifying and eating Pickerelweed click HERE. For more on eating aquatics check out my post on "The Incredible Edible Cattail

Also in my recent trip to Great Pond another reminder to fishermen to remain vigilant in the removal of Milfoil and other invasive aquatic plants during the remaining boating season!


  1. Lovely! Now why have I been unaware all this time that I could eat pickerelweed? I wonder if our IL varieties are also edible?

  2. GS, Pickerel weed is also one of the few plants that contains "edible" starch. Meaning it doesn't have to be first cooked for our bodies to digest it. Very cool plant. Just be cautious, my guide says it look very similar to Water Hyacinth which as I understand is deadly.

    IL? Huh, why did I think you a southern belle? Must be losing my mind.


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