Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sportsman's Christmas Wish List 2014

Shopping for that Rabid Outdoorsman on your Christmas list is never an easy task. These individuals seem to have every gadget and piece of outdoor related equipment imaginable. Then when you finally do manage to miraculously find them something they like, they complain that you spent too much money on them and threaten to return it. If this sounds like anyone you might potentially know, then please look below for a few holiday suggestions for these curmudgeons.

The Byer Manufacturing Company has been creating what I like to call "The Goud Stuff” since 1880. This Maine based company has reinvented itself numerous times over the decades in order to keep pace with the American market place and a rapidly evolving global economy. Currently, Byer of Maine produces a wide assortment of products, most interesting perhaps its furniture and equipment specifically designed to make summah days wick’d comfortable and relaxing. Be sure to check out these gift ideas for the Slacker, Swinger, Napper or Chief Cook and Bottle Washer on your Christmas list!

The WOODMAN'S PAL® machete is described as "A Machete with the Power of an Axe". Designed to trim, prune, chop, split, blaze trails, clear campsites, chop firewood, split kindling, build hunting blinds or lean-to-shelters, it is THE tool preferred by Surveyors, Foresters, Fire & Rescue, Hunters, Campers, Hikers, Survivalists, Pilots, Land Managers, Gardeners, Farmers and Highway Crews. The multipurpose Woodman''s Pal® machete can efficiently perform the tasks of many tools including machetes, axes, hatchets, pruning saws, pruning shears, pruning knives, bow saws, loppers, Bowie knives and for certain jobs, even chain saws. Handcrafted in Pennsylvania with all American made raw materials.Unsurpassed quality since 1941.

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