Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008 Deer Season Update . . . II

Apparently the MONSTER whitetails are falling from the sky in the north eastern part of the state. A few days ago, I noted that I had an incoming phone call from my Mom. Knowing the timing, I was fairly certain that I knew what the phone call would be concerning. In the ensuing conversation I gathered that a 7 pointer had been harvested by her husband during the evening hunt. It was a classic tale of deer sticks head out into field. Coast looks clear. Deer heads across field and hunter is waiting. Deer was hit with 7mm-08 and ran about 100 yards before collapsing. She was currently driving up to meet him and like a good "Maine" woman planning on helping him haul the deer out.

Well folks, I have to tell you that was the last story I expected to hear from Ma this deer season so when my phone rang yesterday during that magical evening hour I was more than a little bit confused. In the frantic conversation that spewed forth from the receiver Ma relayed that she had shot her first deer! I attempted to gather information from her but all I was able to get was big deer, lots of points, big deer, shot in ass, big deer, ran about a 100 yards, big deer, getting help.

As I hung up the receiver I was thrilled at the prospect that Ma had finally managed to shot her first deer and I laughed silently to myself at what an amateur, first timer hunter would think of as a "big" deer. Over the next few hours more phone calls were received from family and the legend began to grow. I began to realize that perhaps Ma had shot a deer that had "monster" potential. Several hours later as I was reviewing my e-mail I noted several photos that showcased Ma first deer and I immediately began to seethe in jealously. Most Maine hunters spent a lifetime chasing a trophy MONSTER whitetail such as the one Ma shot for her first deer! As the dust settled I was provided with these final statistics: the deer weighed in at 199 Lbs, had 10 points and is currently on its was to the taxidermist!

In all seriousness . . . congrats Ma you make your sons proud . . . you da woman!


  1. Whoa! Yup - that qualifies as monster! Nice job to your mom! Awesome.

  2. You tell you Mom good job!!! Heck, that is a great deer anywhere, not just in the North East.

  3. Hey thanks for the kind words. Ma doesn't post comments to the site but I know she reads them religiously. I am sure she is grinning ear to ear reading what each of you wrote!

  4. I'm so proud of your mom... especially for beating the men in the family ;)

    Great Job!!!

  5. Wow, Hooray for your Mom!!!!
    That's a big one, John will be jealous. He has yet to get one this year and he is a little on edge.

  6. congrats! please come shoot one that big for me!

  7. CG, Good luck to John . . . there is still time left and there is always muzzle loader season . . . hint, hint!


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