Monday, November 24, 2008


As my brother hit the throttle on the 40 HP 4 stroke Honda I could tell immediately that something was wrong. The boat began having a series of shimmies, shakes and convulsions reminiscent of an epileptic attack. Moments before in a slight mistake of judgment we had gently “tapped” a granite ledge hiding ominously a few feet under the water. As we pursued a crippled eider deeper and deeper into the bay, I contemplated the possibility of a Coast Guard rescue. Returning to the mooring buoy, we inspected the motor and found that several of the propeller blades were mangled and the entire fin on the lower unit has been sacrificed to Davy Jones’s locker. We managed to finish the morning hunt shooting a total of five eiders and then limp slowly back to the landing under half power.

A side trip on the way home to the local Honda dealership indicated that our wrestling match with King Neptune had not only caused the apparent visual damage to the prop and lower unit but had also stripped the internal bearings and partially bent the shaft; total estimated costs $1,000.00 green backs. Never one to be discouraged, my brother simply made a few calls to his insurance company and due to his forethought in setting a very low deductible he came out of the whole mess barely financially scathed.

In our “after the incident” conversations we lamented in the fact that we were as lucky as we were. A hole could have been torn in the boat, impact could have knocked someone overboard, the engine could have been inoperable or a dozen other issues could have occurred. Sometimes you have to be thankful for not having to enter into “what could have happened” and grateful for “what did happen”!


  1. Yeah - that was my first thought - you all are lucky it wasn't much worse! Still a bummer, though. Glad it didn't end up being too costly, however.

  2. Looks like I'll be getting a call from your brother to hunt with me during Thanksgiving break. It'll go like this...
    "Hey Duckman"- Diesel
    "Go ahead Diesel"- DEDH
    "So what's the plan for Thursday morning? Weather looks good"- Diesel
    "I'll see you at the landing at 5:30"- DEDH

    I'm awaiting the call...

    DEDH out

  3. Hey Duckman,it might be a nice gesture for Diesel to bring coffee and perhaps a morning snack. After all, might as well rub it in gently. (LOL)

    Glad the repairs are affordable and all everyone is safe.

  4. It seems as if Diesel's wife has seized upon his misfortunes and will be looking forward to spending more quality time together over Thanksgiving break... However, I still expect the sharpshooter to break free from the chains of love and curb his craving for eider snot... Such a dangerous drug and he's addicted!!!

  5. TS and TS . . . yes I agree bottom line everyone was safe!

  6. DEDH . . . when a man wants to shoot Eiders more than Whitetails I need to question his intentions . . . hey wait a minute . . . :)

  7. I intend to get my fix of both... ducks in the morning and deer in the afternoon, however it becomes interesting that my best man now will drop any deer hunting plans if I give him the "eider" signal... something about that snot, people just can't get enough of it... I'm like a snake handler, I've been around the venom so much that is doesn't affect me so bad anymore...

  8. that sucks. hope the ledge is okay! those eiders can be tricky and lead you right to the ledge. if your motor is not electic trim which i suspect it is. then always leave it unlocked so if you do hit a ledge it will pop up. it makes reverse a struggle but it has save me from that kind of damage on some ledges .

  9. OUCH. You guys have challenging substrate up there. Down here, you either have mud & weeds (use a short shaft or beavertail) OR you have rocks (use a jet drive). Never both on the same hunt! I can see how that would get expensive.


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