Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Seed On the Wind by Bill Geagan

Picture at left was provided by a reader. Special thanks! 

"Autograph in Nature I Loved from Bill Geagan to Russ Johnson, father of Jerry Johnson ,

Last of Bill Geagan "Seed On the Wind" Highlights.

Fishing makes great men greater and the average man better in many ways. – P. 183

People have a respect for privacy on two occasions. One of them is prayer and the other is fishing, and a man can’t pray all of the time. – P. 184

It is better to go often to seek the lowly sunfish and perch of the nearby lily pond than to make only widely spaced jaunts to the wind lashed lakes and tumbling streams of the salmon and trout. – P. 186

Lift your children from comparative helplessness to your own level by such simple yet effective methods as asking their opinions of fishing tackle and lures, the most productive fishing spots and hours, best woods for the fire, and on and on. All boys and girls want ot be important. They want to be grown-ups. They will be one day, and the good ones with this sort of early training. – P. 187

A man is little more than a boy held in the prison of time and trouble. And always the desire to escape to the enchanted valley of youth burns brightly in his heart. He who lives best and longest manages such breaks, such flights into the wonderful freedom of the past, from time to time. And he who is accompanied by his children doubly rewarded for his efforts. – P. 191

Suddenly the day is very old. Color has drained from the world and the stars come out. Night spreads its black blanket bejeweled with dew. Perfume rides the wind wisps and suddenly the lake and the stream are but soft sounds. – P. 191


  1. I think the fourth quote rings so true in helping young children get interested in fishing. While it may make them feel important, it also encourages them to make their own decisions and keeps them interested.

  2. #3 was an excellent reminder as we head into spring fishing. Living in the Queen City you have to drive for a good bit to get to "good" fishing. But drop a line in pretty much any body of water around and you'll pick sunfish or perch to tide you over until you can head north, west or east....Thank You.

  3. I am wondering how to access this book out my way. Enjoy your review of the quotes.


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