Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had the chance today to play on a website that allows you to take digital print and quickly and easily convert it to a Word Map. Really a fun tool for writers to play around with to see if the article properly covers the topics that the author wishes to stress. Above is a "wordle" on a story that I recently submitted for publication on "Hunting With the Single Shot Rifle".

You can also do one for your BLOG site!


  1. Way too complicated for me. I got confused just looking at it!

    Of course I get confused looking at a crossword puzzle...

    The Rasch Outdoor ChroniclesThe Range Reviews: Tactical

  2. I should do one for the OBS. Wonder what it would say?

  3. AAR . . . HAHAHA!

    Kristine . . . Do it, I want to see!


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