Monday, August 17, 2009

Peacock State Park

The dog days of August mean trying to find cool escapes from the heat of the city and for those in Central Maine that means a variety of City and State Parks.

Peacock State Park is a hidden gem offering shaded picnicing spots and a sandy swimming area with a lifeguard on duty. Access to the water is via granite steps so small children would need assistance.

Dogs are welcomed if on a leash and controlled by the owner and they can swim outside of the roped swimming area. The far picnic table over the boardwalk is excellent for groups accompanied by man's best friend.

Access to the best picnic spots and the swimming area is at the bottom of a relatively steep grassy slope so wheelchair access would be a significant challenge.

Ample parking is available and according to the ranger crowds are never an issue as most public traffic is centered on other more popular local destinations as Lake St. George and Damariscotta State Parks.

Be sure to bring some charcoal and hot dogs or other grillable delights as almost every picnic table is positioned next to a grilling platform.

Click on the following link for more information on Maine's State Parks and directions to Peacock - Peacock.


  1. That sure does sound like an awesome place to spend the day.

  2. Central Mainahs are fortunate to have within a relatively short distance several state parks on surrounding lakes. It really is hard to go wrong with any of the selections but some are more crowded than others. In addition several state owned sand beaches dot our coastline and offer beach fun as well as excellent opportunities to catch stripers.


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