Friday, August 21, 2009

Popham Beach State Park

Popham Beach State Park is a beautiful destination located on Map 6 (E5) in the Maine Gazetteer. In the heat of the summer, be prepared to get here early, as a long line quickly forms as crowds flock to the cool ocean breezes to escape the heat.

Few people realize that if you are traveling with man's best friend that you will be not allowed access on the state beach. A great alternative is found just down the road at the section of beach by the old Popham Fort. Parking at Percy's Store for 7 dollars will put you within a few hundred yards of the beach.

As summer progresses into July and August Popham is a great location to try surfcasting. While the beach is often crowded fishermen can secure space for themselves northward toward the old fort and to the south in the less crowded areas further from the parking area. To really beat the crowds try early mornings and later evenings pursuing stripers and mackerel.

Need bait, lures or other supplies? Percy's has both as well as many other nurishing edibles for hungry and thirsty sportsmen and beach goers.


  1. What I want to know is...

    How cold is the water???

    Best regards,
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
    Biology on the Bay: Mangroves

  2. AAR, LOL! It is VERY cold. I waded in up to my waist to get an extra 25 feet on my cast and still can't feel my lower extremities!


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