Thursday, March 18, 2010

Game Camera Pics

With the Maine winter coming to a abrupt end, nightly temperatures have finally creeped into the 30s. This change has allowed me to set the game cameras back into the woods, without having to change the batteries every week. January and February were brutal on battery life and had me reluctantly pulling the cameras until conditions improved. Last week, I set the cameras out on the back acreage in an attempt to see if there were any "trophy" gobblers wandering around. As of today, I have yet to capture any fowl but have been entertained by a family of raccoons and an invasion of gray squirrels.

Also, my new Moultrie IR camera managed to finally capture its first night video segment. Seeing what the camera can do without emitting game spooking light is impressive. Can't wait to try it on the coyotes.


  1. It is amazing how much you can catch in 5 seconds isn't it!?!

    I've had plenty of whitetails in front of my Moultrie and they never spook. In fact I think it makes them curious!

  2. Nice pics. That video is really crisp.

    Every fall, I ogle the game cameras and I plot and scheme. I have yet to buy one ... saving Cabela's points still.


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