Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Kid Joins the Club

Yesterday marked my final digression from man to little boy. After years of walking the slippery slope of owning an ATV, I finally plunged head first down the rabbit hole. Minutes after a run down of all of the features, by a helpful technician from the local ATV dealership, I was cruising down a back road more excited than a 5 year old eating left over Halloween candy on Christmas day.

Unfortunately, the events that lead to this day were filled with a few moments of sadness, most notably, in the sale of my ’98 Yamaha V-Star motorcycle. That beauty and I had gone on 11,568 miles of adventure over the last 11 years and it saddened me to see her loaded on a truck and hauled away. It amazes me how much a “thing”, can connect itself to your life. I assume it isn’t the “thing” itself that creates the attachment but rather the recalled memories that are awakened when that particular “thing” is used, driven or worn. We all have that favorite pair of pants, hunting rifle, ice axe or other tool, implement or device that is connected to us in some strange emotional way.

While one chapter is closing, another is opening. If I am honest with myself, an ATV more closely matches who I am at this stage in my life. An ATV brings with it the ability to haul and carry people and equipment far into the back country, thus expanding my fishing and hunting possibilities. Already, I am planning the construction of an ice shack that can be hauled by my new ATV. Most certainly this new “toy” will open expanded opportunities for my family and I, leading to many years of new happy memories fishing, hunting and recreating. Slowly driving the kids around the yard yesterday, seeing the excitement on their faces, I knew that I had made a wise decision.

So, now that I am in the coveted ATV “club” what do I need to know!?!?!


  1. Get a quality cover for your quad so that the plastic fenders won't fade due to UV light exposure... just speaking from experience

  2. DDH, COVER?!?! Currently the "BABY" is sitting down cellar because I was worried that it might get snow on it today. LOL!

  3. The first thing I thought of was helmets for the kids.

  4. KT/GSC, Thanks for posting! Yes, picked up very cool full face motorcross helmets for the little guys. Next I need to get goggles!


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