Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Striped Bass Bait Options

Bait and Baiting - You can never tell what the stripers are going to prefer one day to the next, so it pays to have a couple of different bait options. I prefer mackerel, others swear by surf clams, herring and live eels. For casting off shore, I can’t imagine a live eel would survive many casts but I also have yet to try. For the other options, buy FRESH bait that has never been frozen. Fishing with old bait, is like trying to put a hook in hamburger and then attempting to cast it a 100 yards. You end up with bait flying off your hook and only managing to feed the seagulls. Fresh fish will stay solidly on your hook cast after cast . . . at least until the crabs pick it clean. I was “refreshing” my bait every 15 minutes with a new chunk approximately 2 inches across.

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  1. Some great fishing tips here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dont forget to try some yummy flies...here's a painting i did for a friend who caught this nice Stripper on a fly rod:

  3. Striped bass are an amazing fish that I would love to target if my travel budget were a bit larger. Great photo...awesome fish!


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