Friday, July 9, 2010

Striped Bass - Increasing Casting Distance

Casting - The easiest surfcasting technique for the beginner is to continue casting exactly as you currently do now. Your familiar basic cast will let you get your lure or bait out to an acceptable distance and run a significantly lower risk of hooking yourself or an innocent bystander. Always watch the beach populace on your back swings.

To become more advanced, there are two additional casts you will want to add to your repertoire. These should be practiced in a safe location free of people, as a busy beach during the height of the tourist season is no time to be practicing new-fangled casting skills. The first is relatively easy and is called the off the ground cast. Once this initial casting technique is mastered, the second more complicated pendulum can be attempted. The off the ground cast will help you develop the muscle memory and coordination needed to learn the significantly more difficult pendulum. Mastering the pendulum, will require you to invest considerable time practicing, however, when done correctly will allow you to chuck a lure or bait out to 100 yards. For further information and videos on how to successfully conduct both of these casts, perform a Google search for “off the ground surfcasting" or “pendulum surfcasting”.

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