Thursday, August 12, 2010

I’m Calling in Sick Today

I am obviously no poet but fortune favors the bold, so I present this shot at comedic poetry. I got the idea for this piece flying back from a recent trip. Amazing the dribble you will stoop to create when squeezed into a high altitude sardine can!


I’m Calling in Sick Today

I’m calling in sick today because I am not very well to do.
Dr. Aflack called and said all tests indicate bird flu.

Boss man I am certain you are curious of my health and care.
My symptoms range from bad to worse so say a silent prayer.

My head is pounding from shotgun blasts and body aches from the frosty morning chill.
My lips are chapped from the blowing wind and trigger finger itches from the ducks I plan to kill.

My nose sniffles from the smell of gunpowder and eyes water from the glaring morning sun.
My throat is raw from laughing but I swear I’m not having fun.

As you can plainly see I have an avian affliction with only one viable cure.
It requires time in a duck blind with family and friends of this I am sure.

This apparently fowl predicament will have me out most of the week.
But when I return, I promise to stop daydreaming about shooting ducks on the wing.


  1. Yo name is Rabid and you ain't no poet, just a posing lyrical wrecker and you didn't even no it...

    Duck rapping is what yo talk, I must balk, cause you ain't no leader of the duck hunting flock...

    To be like T Duck yo must decree cause the Downeast Duck Hunter is the man you wanted to be...


  2. Well Done! Got a little giggle out of that "fowl predicament". LOL

  3. A duck hunter's lament...this bold poem is a good tickle for the soul, glad you thought to share it. In a duck blind glaring...
    Take care-

  4. DDH, Did you just refer to yourself as "T-Duck" . . . I believe, if I have read the bylaws correctly and I quote, "Thy whom nicknames thyself is subject to the humiliation brought forth by having thyself know to all as Coco the Luv Monkey for a period of time not to be less than one calendar year. :)

    Nice rap man! lol!

  5. KT and TW,

    Glad I could supply a Giggle and a Tickle! :)


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