Monday, August 16, 2010

My Kinda People . . .

This post is a compilation of a number of qualities (some funny, some serious and some just plain ridiculous), that I myself posses and have grow to appreciate in others. I know there are a lot of “My Kinda People” out there in cyberspace reading my blog. If any of these descriptors relate to you, your family members or your friends please drop me a comment simply saying “Heck Yeah!” Thanks!

  • Talk about thoughts and ideas and not people
  • Aren’t picky about the beer they drink
  • Don’t flinch
  • Know how to use a compass
  • Can cook
  • Can drive a stick shift
  • Are well read
  • Like Twinkies
  • Drink coffee black
  • Are members of at least one sportsman organization
  • Can gut a deer
  • Think "Animal House" is the greatest movie ever made
  • Occasionally howl at the full moon
  • Are rough around the edges
  • Wear ball caps with a sizeable bend in the brim
  • Think wearing Carhartts and flannel is a fashion statement
  • Take kids fishing
  • Think bacon is the worlds most amazing food
  • Love big dogs
  • Like their whiskey on ice and women on fire . . . sorry Hank.
  • Know how to brew beer
  • Aren't afraid to ask for help
  • Drive 4 wheel drive trucks
  • Know how to paddle a canoe
  • Are never bored 
  • Are a member of the "KISS ARMY"
  • Own at least one belt buckle
  • Can start a campfire in the rain
  • Can change a baby’s diaper
  • Own at least 3 guns
  • Know who Uncle Jesse is . . . and NO he wasn’t on “Full House”!
  • Like campfires
  • Can jump start a car
  • Know at least 20 different knots
  • Don’t mind getting dirty


  1. And here I thought only Montana boys howl at the moon! They're the ones who don't care what kind of beer they drink!

  2. -Manuver a boat...safely.
    -Can fight a big fish.
    -Has killed several deer on the run.
    -Takes responsibility for his/her own actions.

  3. Love it! I don't agree with the twinkies though. Fake cake like substance with gross white frosting in the middle = gross. Sorry.

  4. "Wear ball caps with a sizeable bend in the brim"

    Minimum bid!

  5. Hey! I scored a 23 out of 35! Woo Hoo! I am working on some of the others ... I was not raised in a household with an outdoorsman so I have to make up for that now.

    I did note, however, that two of the bullted items are contradictory ... once one learns to brew beer, one gets very picky about the beer one drinks.

    Thanks for the fun.

  6. Useless post, none of that applies to me...

  7. You certainly all provided me with a good chuckle with your comments.

    KT - Yes, Mainahs occasionally howl, especially when loaded up on PBR.

    RD - Nice additions!

    Emily - Perhaps you could provide an alternative?

    SB - I see you understand that there is no other acceptable way to wear a baseball hat.

    DEM - Yes, I agree unless you are VERY poor at brewing beer!

    DDH - You continue to disappointment me. :)

    Thanks everyone!

  8. 4 out of 35 is pretty bad, right? BUT you did say "ANY".....

  9. Leigh . . . AND I thought the DDH was bad until I saw your post! :)


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