Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are You Tired of Snow Yet?


  1. Cool picture. Hopefully spring will hurry up for you guys. I told our friend Downeast yesterday that I rode around during my lunch hour with the tops out of the Jeep. It was a very nice 67 degrees with blue sunny skys. Weather you can look forward to as you head this way for some Turkey hunting!

  2. AWESOME! Thanks for my giggle today!

  3. Yes, but your possible invite to climb Katahdin has me wondering about next winter. Toss me an email, bro, would love to discuss that.


  4. CG - Thanks!

    Trey - I am really beginning to think that mailing you a snowball jack in the box would be very funny. However the lo

    Dean-O - LOL

    LB - No problem!

    RM - What is your e-mail? I tried to look it up but am apparently inept! LOL! Mine is


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