Friday, February 4, 2011

Blue Whales Go Caca?!?!

That is a squirrel track Daddy and that one is a rabbit, proudly exclaimed my four year old. I marveled at the speed at which he had mastered the basic principals of identifying animals through their tracks. Next, I asked him what direction he assumed the rabbit was traveling. Momentarily puzzled he dropped to all fours, resting his nose only inches from the rabbit track. Hmmmm, he pondered, I can see its toes. Great I said, what way are his toes pointing? This way, he excitedly exclaimed and dove headlong into an overgrown spruce thicket fit for neither man nor beast. Minutes passed slowly, as I wondered how his hunt was progressing. Suddenly from the undergrowth, came a low howl . . . DAAAAAADEEEEE! Yes, buddy is everything ok? DAAAADEEEE, I think I found sumpthin?!?!? What is it, I inquired, a rabbit? NO, was the giggled response. DAAAADDDDDEEEE come here I want to show you sumpthin!!

Crawling through snow on hands and knees with spruce needles entering every orifice of my body is not necessarily my idea of a good time but in the interest of child rearing sometimes you have to submit yourself to unthinkable acts in the interest of your child’s education. As I struggled through a particularly complex tangle of shrubbery, I mumbled a soft thank you to the heavens that at least I wasn’t still changing diapers.

Finally arriving beside the lil man I noted he was again on hands and knees examining something. Daddy what is that, he inquired, extending one tiny little tentative finger toward a dozen small round brown objects, littering the surface of the snowy ground. AHHH, I said you have found rabbit caca. “RABBITS GO CACA!?!?” . . . blurted my very perplexed but also extremely interested child. Yes, I said, but another more acceptable term is scat or droppings. “RABBITS GO CACA!??!” . . . came his reaction, this time with added gusto! Yes, I answered; all living things must excrete waste in one fashion or another from the tiniest bacteria to the largest Blue Whale. A look shot across his face, one part confusion and two parts horrified and the lil man belted out at the top of his lungs . . . BLUE WHALES GO CACA!?!

If you haven’t taken your child(ren) out on a snow covered day to look for animal tracks, you are missing out on some fantastic memories. A quick download from the Internet will provide you with all of the materials you need to start this simple and cost effective backyard adventure. If you encounter a track you are unsure of OR simply for documentation purposes (like how many different tracks can we find today, this winter or this year) having a digital camera on hand to record the tracks you find (and the fun) is an added benefit to the overall experience.


  1. That was great!!You just never know what they are going to say!

  2. Oh What a laugh! This has to be one of the best posts you have done. Certainly the most entertaining! What a smart little guy he is.

  3. Beware ... these little sayings have a way of sticking around for the long term. To this day, I don't have a living room, it is a rirrr-room. Thanks for the laugh ... the whole family enjoyed it!

  4. Trey, KT and DEM,

    It always amazes me the things kids will say and do as their minds try and interpret the amazing world around them. Glad I was able to provide a few chuckles to you and yours by sharing one of my favorite memories.

  5. Kids say the darnedest things! Good Times!

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