Friday, February 11, 2011

January Temperature in Maine Reaches 117 F

I wanted to share this Game Camera picture that clearly shows the temperature in Maine during the month of January can occasionally reach a high of 117 degrees F. At this rate all the snow should be gone and we should be in shorts and t'shirts by February vacation!

Game Cameras Obviously Struggle at Below Zero Temps


  1. Hahaha, Nice to see you are experiencing a heat wave there in Maine.. Haha.. My Moultrie got froze out and shut itself down when it got below freezing here.. So it might not be the proper temp (not even close), but at least you're still getting pictures..

  2. Wow! Talk about your Global Warming!

  3. I'm coming to Maine next winter....yep, Hot Sunny Maine.

  4. must of hit the bottom of it's range and circled around to the top, like putting a 350 pound man on a dial bathroom scale and getting 50.

  5. Holy cow! I was feeling a bit off. I thought it was just me, but I guess it was the huge temperature swings.

  6. You know it's cold when...BTW..nope haven't heard anything about the ice fishing..but I hope to soon from either SV or KV!

  7. Oh the below zero temps and, oh my the 117 temps.

    You may need to give your camera the ol' Fonzi tap if it keep acting up....nobody messes with the Fonz ;)

  8. Were you telling the game camera one of your stories?

  9. DDH,

    Are you making an inference that only inanimate objects are the only thing capable of suffering through one of my long, drawn out and mostly factitious tall tales? Now that is just plain hurtful. :(

    One more short week buddy till we hit the ice fishing mecca!

  10. Justin, thus far as long as the batteries are working its still taking pictures! Will be curious to see how much longer that works!

    Trey, Global warming is a myth! lol

    KT, Bring your swim trunks the lakes are already melting out!

    Alan, My estimate is that it was about -17 degrees that morning so you are probably correct.

    DEM, Its always colder in Maine!

    PBM, I wouldn't count on KV or SV to make a call. They are both about as communicative as . . . well you get the idea!

    LB, Fonzi Tap . . . oh Happy Days! lol!


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